‘No Men Allowed’ Hotel Opens In Spain

Another business has opened with an anti-male gimmick. A hotel on the Spanish island of Majorca opened last week, boasting that it is “just for women” hoping to “disconnect from the stress of daily life that offers personalised care tailored to their needs.”
From Som Dom’s website:
With bold decoration inspired by feminine features, this modern, functional and unique hotel in Porto Cristo guarantees a truly relaxing vacation on the seashore surrounded by nature. At this hotel, you can enjoy the best healthy cuisine made with “zero-kilometer” products, a wellness area, a pool, free WiFi, comfortable rooms, a bar lounge and a unique atmosphere designed for women.
A broad range of services and plans designed specifically for a feminine audience that will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.
Yes, certainly these are all things only women enjoy.
Women aged 14 and older can check into the hotel for about $93 a night. It features 39 rooms, many of which appear to include a vanity table — the only hint this hotel is anything other than a regular hotel.
“Did you know that you can be wild, healthy, fun, beautiful, relaxed, adventurous, curious and social all at once?” the website asks.
Well, no, actually, I did not know that, feminist hotel.
Yahoo News reported that Som Dom may be the first women-only hotel in Spain, but others exist in the world.
“There are other women-only hotels elsewhere in the world, such as Luthan Hotel and Spa in Saudi Arabia. Some travel websites, such as Halal Booking, offers resorts in Turkey and Morocco with women-only pools,” the outlet reported.
The Mirror reported that the hotel does employ some men to avoid gender discrimination laws. Yahoo reported that such discriminatory endeavors have had problems in the past, such as the 2017 women-only music festival in Sweden, which was found guilty of discrimination by the country.
Another anti-male business folded earlier this year after falsely claiming women are paid less than men and charging men more than women for the same products. Handsome Her, a vegan café in Melbourne, Australia, declared when it opened that it would charge men 18% more to close the alleged gender wage gap. The café closed earlier this year, though there was no indication the anti-male discrimination played a factor.
As faithful readers know, the gender wage gap is caused almost entirely by the different choices men and women make in their careers. It is not a measure of how much men are paid versus women in the same job with the same experience, talent, and education.
One also knows that if a hotel were to open boasting that it was for “men only,” the feminist outrage mob would descend upon it like wolves on sheep. It would be harangued for its discrimination — rightly so. But such anger is not being given to the “women only” hotel, which instead is being celebrated by media outlets and covered in a positive light. Meanwhile, modern outrage feminists claim women are oppressed in the civilized world.
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