What Happened to Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter? America Needs Them Now More Than Ever

There were only a handful of Trump supporters that helped carry the Donald Trump candidacy into the White House.  Matt Drudge, the iconic founder of the Drudge Report, and best selling author and speaker Ann Coulter, were two key individuals  who pushed Trump over the finish line.

Since the election, these two leaders have gone missing.  What happened?

Matt Drudge

Wikipedia, which is far-left when it comes to politics, reports that the Drudge Report was created by Matt Drudge in 1995.  His first assistant was Andrew Breitbart, who created and ran conservative website Breitbart at the same time.
The Drudge Report grew and became one of the largest websites in the world and in 2016 was a difference maker when it came to the Presidential election.  Matt Drudge has enhanced and destroyed many political careers.  Drudge and many Americans knew that Donald Trump was exactly what America needed after eight long years of corruption, failed policies and government waste during the Obama administration.  Hillary Clinton was just an extension of Obama’s socialist policies.
In 2016 Matt Drudge freely linked to Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, Zero Hedge, Infowars, American Mirror, etc and others pointing out candidate Trump’s vision and successes and Hillary Clinton’s corruption and lies.  We were all fighting for the truth and for candidate Trump!
The Drudge report linked to many stories leading up to the 2016 election but Wikipedia claims that Drudge linked to false reports about Hillary Clinton.  One of these projected lies was when Drudge showed a picture of Hillary being carried up a set of stairs during the campaign.  Afterwards several individuals used this picture when the subject of Hillary’s horrible health was discussed or tweeted in articles and tweets.
Drudge used this picture of the unhealthy Hillary when linking to a post of ours from the Gateway Pundit.
In the post we identified that while candidate Trump was working his tail off holding rallies across America, Hillary was taking weekends off.  We substantiated this observation with data from actual and planned rallies for the two candidates.  This wasn’t a lie, it was the truth.  At that time Trump had spoken in front of an estimated 100,000 people in 19 rallies in August while Hillary had spoken in front of around 12,000 people at 8 events.

But those days are long gone.
Today the Drudge Report has a different spin.  For example, a day after thousands of Indian Americans met in Houston at an event where President Trump received numerous standing ovations, the headline at the Drudge Report links to a story from the far-left Washington Post outlining another conspiracy (already debunked) claiming the President “sought to collude with another foreign country.”
This article is another slanderous hit piece and a mirror of the mainstream media’s reports from the recent Russia collusion sham that ended up being the largest political scandal in US history.  The far left media is projecting all of their crimes on President Trump and unfortunately the Drudge Report is leading the charge against President Trump.
Hillary colluded with Russia and made millions on the Uranium One deal – the sale of 20% of US uranium to Russia.  The Biden family made millions off of Ukraine and China deals and the mainstream media wants to attach this scandal to Trump.  The next scandal will claim Donald Trump Jr. made billions from China, which of course Biden’s drug addict son actually did. 
What made Matt Drudge turn on President Trump?

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter like Matt Drudge was a huge fan of President Trump.  The bestselling author even produced a book labeled “In Trump We Trust” in the weeks leading up to the election.  Coulter and Drudge were right.  America needed a change and outsider Trump the billionaire was the one to lead this change.
Coulter authored many of the best books on modern US politics.  Her book “Slander” is still a must read and as relevant today as it was when it was first published.  The far left media lies daily about nearly everything in American life.  Coulter pointed out the media’s use of polls to disenfranchise conservative voters from participating in elections.  The media still lies daily and uses polls with results as ridiculous as their fake news reports.
Ann Coulter followed up this book with a string of best sellers pointing out the treasonous and even demonic actions taken by the left today.  She has a quick wit and a brilliant mind and she knew Trump could help save America.
But in the last year, despite all of the resistance facing this president on securing the border, Ann Coulter has lashed out at President Trump for not completing the US-Mexico border wall.  Does she really think the Democrat in the race will build a wall?

Where did Drudge and Coulter go?

America needed a President who would protect America and the American worker when President Trump was elected.  Perhaps Trump’s greatest accomplishment ever will be that he beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  With voter fraud, the media’s unrelenting passion for socialism, and donations from entities around the world with desires for more American spoils and influence, Hillary was a lock.  Only one person could have beaten Hillary and his name was Donald Trump.
Since then the economy has been on fire, in spite of the Federal Reserve’s disastrous actions to tank it.  Unemployment is at a 50 year low, the markets are near all time highs again, more Americans are working than ever before and wages are going up.
America is no longer in the corrupt Paris climate accords nor the illogical Iran deal.  China is no longer being talked about as the economic power of the 21st century due to President Trump taking a stand and demanding they play fair in the world economic community.  North Korea is no longer lobbing missiles over Japan, ISIS is decimated in the Middle East, America is considering removing troops from Afghanistan, and the US military is strong and respected again.
Ann Coulter’s demands to build the wall are slowly being met thanks to the President and his unrelenting determination.  It hasn’t been easy with Democrats and Republicans like Paul Ryan preventing funding for the border wall.  He has unfortunately had to be creative to obtain funding in spite of actions from corrupt politicians, no doubt dependent on Mexican cartel money, and Obama judges that block his every move.
The swamp in Washington is still very much alive as the Mueller sham revealed.  Hillary, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Obama and others walk free in spite of evidence in the public realm alone identifying their criminal deeds.  The FBI and DOJ are redacting the truth and pushing for indictments of good men like General Mike Flynn who deserve our praise not a phony indictment.
Yes, President Trump has an ego but America has two Supreme Court judges that were not picked by Hillary.  Yes, President Trump can be hurtful to his attackers but he shows compassion to our unemployed by getting them jobs and veterans by getting them better healthcare.

We all know President Trump is not perfect – but none of us are. 

America needs another four years of a Trump Presidency.  America and President Trump need Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter to forgive and forget and get back on the Trump Train – Look at the alternative!

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