Student Shot at Columbine Stumps Beto with Question About Gun Ban

A pro-gun survivor of the Columbine shooting had a question for Robert “Beto” O’Rourke that the Democratic candidate struggled to answer.
Evan Todd, the first student shot in the library on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School, was part of a Colorado crowd that gathered to hear O’Rourke speak Thursday in Aurora.
O’Rourke was not shy about repeating his calls for firearm confiscations at the town hall, a message that has recently come to define his 2020 campaign.
Eventually, Todd had his chance with the microphone.
“While I understand that you want a mandatory buyback for ARs and AK-47s, none of my classmates were murdered with those weapons,” Todd said. “Fifty percent of mass murders don’t happen with those weapons.” 
“Don’t you think it’s time we get rid of all semi-auto firearms?” Todd asked, to cheers from the crowd.
And there was this emotional moment. A Columbine survivor, Evan Todd, asked Beto to include all semi-automatic weapons in his proposed ban.

"I was the first student that was shot in the library. And I was the last one to talk to the two murderers before they committed suicide."
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O’Rourke masterfully dodged the questions, insisting that he would only ban guns that were “designed to kill people,” while promising to take Todd’s advice and listen to his thoughts on guns.
Journalists pounced on the back-and-forth, calling it an “emotional moment.”
It wasn’t until later that many of them found out that Todd is a major supporter of the Second Amendment.
Todd is the communications director for Bullets Both Ways, an organization that advocates for increased defense in schools and churches through training armed teachers and other staff, The Daily Caller reported.
Though it’s unlikely O’Rourke will want Todd’s help as bad as he did when he thought he was a supporter of firearm confiscations, Todd is not out of the fight by a long shot.
It looks like Todd is making it his mission to expose O’Rourke and his gun confiscations masquerading as “mandatory buybacks.”

As long as there are patriots like Todd and others willing to stand up in defense of the Second Amendment, our guns aren’t going anywhere for a long time.
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