Michelle Obama Charging Thousands of Dollars for Some Seats on Her New Tour

Former first lady Michelle Obama is embarking on a much-ballyhooed stadium tour, and tickets are apparently difficult to come by.
In fact, the New York Post reports that the cheapest tickets for her Nov. 3 stop in Newark, New Jersey, are $144, likely far outside the budget of the people she claims to support.
Floor seats can run as high as $1,300, and adding a “meet and greet” will cost a total of $2,500. It’s hard to understate the arrogance of someone who believes her very presence is worth over a thousand dollars.
But those aren’t even the most expensive tickets. Those would be $4,200, and they can net you a whole suite.
If you’re wondering exactly what the pricey show will entail, it’s billed as a “Moderated Conversation.” The moderator has yet to be announced.
Forgive me for being jaded, but I doubt you’ll get me to spend that much money to listen to an insufferable elitist answer softball questions, bash my ideology and cackle about how great she is.
I can think of many better uses of my time, some of which are physically painful.
It might be difficult to imagine that someone who presents herself as sticking up for the less fortunate could charge her fans such exorbitant amounts, but this isn’t the first time Obama has done that.
Just last year, she launched a tour to promote her new memoir, “Becoming,” and the admission price was similarly outrageous.
As Page Six reported at the time, tickets for the Oakland, California, appearance ranged from $93.50 for the cheap seats to $3,150 for the first row. Selling out Oracle Arena netted more than $2 million.
There was some speculation that the book tour would be a launching point for Obama’s 2020 bid for the White House, but that never materialized. In fact, she had a simpler motive.
“She is just making money,” a Democratic power broker said.
Of course, asking a price that people are willing to pay and making money off your celebrity aren’t inherently wrong, as we do live in a free-market society.
On the flip side, however, it does seem a bit hypocritical to cater yourself to the upper-middle class when you’ve spent your “career” as a first lady advocating for the poor and against excessive wealth.
But this is something we can expect from the Obamas, who just can’t get enough of themselves.
Maybe one day some tyrant will determine that they’ve made too much money, but until then, more power to them.

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