Cops Called to Rescue Man After Family Attacked Him for Having Sex With Girl, 13

An 18-year-old who allegedly committed a sex crime with a minor ended up having the police called on his behalf.
It wasn’t because he felt guilty or someone else reported the crime. Instead, it was because he was viciously beaten by the family of the alleged victim.
According to the Monroe News-Star in Louisiana, Javionne Thomas now faces a charge of felony carnal knowledge of juvenile after the incident last week.
The investigation began when authorities received a call early Sunday morning about an injured individual.
Deputies arrived and found Thomas, who reportedly told them he had been having sex with an “unknown female.” When they were discovered by her family, he says they assaulted him.
Calling the cops may not have been the smartest move on Thomas’ part, however.
Deputies went to the home where Thomas told them he was having sex with the “unknown female.” It turns out the female in question was 13 years old.
Furthermore, the family said that the sex was non-consensual and that they wanted to press charges. The victim would later admit that the sex was consensual, however.
This certainly didn’t make things easier for Thomas, though. The age of consent in Louisiana is 17, which means that the alleged victim was well under that.
Thomas, furthermore, wasn’t exactly helping to exculpate himself in the matter.
When deputies visited him in the hospital, he reportedly didn’t deny having sex with the girl. However, he denied knowing her age beforehand.
When he was released from the hospital, Thomas was arrested by police.
Thomas, whose bail was set at $50,000, isn’t pursuing any sort of battery charges against the family of the girl.
We don’t necessarily know the extent of his injuries, but the question remains how justifiable this kind of “justice” is.
On one hand, you understand the reaction of the family. The decision to set upon Thomas likely happened in mere seconds.
After all, most parents would react this way if they found someone having sex with their 13-year-old daughter, particularly if that individual turned out to be an adult.
Then on the other, you have the fact that vigilante justice is no sort of justice at all. I understand the inclination to cheer at the mere fact that Thomas was assaulted without even regarding the particulars of the case.
After all, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. However, that’s still indulging the baser instincts of our moral character.
Yes, this beating probably put the fear of God into Thomas. From the sound of things, however, this isn’t a young man that just needs the fear of God. He needs God, full stop.
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