‘The View’ Host Behar Says Biden Gets Her ‘Excited,’ Like Obama and JFK

President Donald Trump refers to Joe Biden as “sleepy” — but that doesn’t stop “The View” co-host Joy Behar from getting excited about the former vice president.
On Tuesday morning’s program, Behar said the only 2020 Democratic candidate whose message moves her is Biden’s, Washington Examiner reported.
You might assume she was referring to another Joe Biden, surely not the 76-year-old who often struggles to answer questions and who misspoke during a closing statement that brought the curtain down on Wednesday’s presidential debate in Detroit.
Believe it or not, as this video shows, Behar compared him to ex-Presidents Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy.

As the Examiner reported, she said: “In all of the years that I’ve been voting, the only two candidates have gotten me excited like that — were Obama and John Kennedy.”
It also boggles the mind that co-host Sunny Hostin managed to keep a straight face while referring to Biden’s promise of national unity as “inspiring,” but there you have it. 
The former Delaware senator — whose Democratic challengers have attacked him constantly throughout this year’s debates — has found it all but impossible to dodge Trump’s disapproval.
There’s been no love lost between Biden and the commander in chief since the latter’s troll-worthy April 4 tweet of a doctored video showing the former vice president creepily sniffing himself as he apologized for past inappropriate physical behavior.
And yet during Friday’s show, Behar managed to say — without any indication she may have been joking — that she finds Biden comparable to Obama and JFK. 
I suppose it would be easier to link those three politicians if, say, Kennedy and Obama were also known for plagiarizing. Or maybe Behar’s assertion about Biden would be justified if Biden ever delivered a memorable speech and exuded more charisma than a potato.
It’s possible Behar merely feels connected to the lone 2020 candidate who shares her age. Perhaps she inexplicably sees or hears something in Biden that few other observers do. 

But if Joe Biden is anybody’s idea of “exciting,” he or she doesn’t know the meaning of the word.
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