Guns Down America’s Igor Volsky apparently has the world’s fastest trigger finger or his facts are wrong

It looks like Igor Volsky’s got a new gig besides spouting nonsense on Twitter about guns; his bio says he’s the executive director of Guns Down America, and one of his duties apparently is to continue spouting nonsense on Twitter about guns.
It’s amazing how many gun experts there are out there who want the things banned and confiscated. We may have reached peak ridiculousness after the Parkland shooting, when members of the mainstream media were excusing inaction by the school resource officer by arguing that he had no chance against the shooter, because rounds came out of the AR-15’s barrel at a higher velocity than his sheriff’s office-issued sidearm.
Volksy, like every other liberal out there, is going on about “assault weapons,” and we’d really like to see him at the range with one, because he claims he can empty a 30-round magazine in five seconds:
A semi-automatic weapon fires once per trigger pull. Not even professional competition shooters can fire that fast. At 500 rounds per minute a shooter would have to depress the trigger 8 times per second. That doesn't even factor in mag changes. You're spreading lies.

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professional shooters can’t even fire 300-500 rounds per minute. Clearly you’ve never touched a gun in your life.

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Fire 300-500 rounds through the average A-15 without it jamming. Hope you're great at clearing them...

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No and NOPE.

Would you like to come to the range with me and try?
Also, define "assault weapons", please.

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The cyclic rate of fire is unattainable due to overheating and having to reload.

All semiautomatic weapons (pistols, rifles, and shotguns) fire 1 bullet for each pull of the trigger.

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300 trigger pulls, 10 mag dumps and 10 reloads in a minute huh. Please anti-gunner continue to tell us all that works.

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Well, which is it? 500 per minute or 30 in 5 seconds? Because those are 2 different equation outcomes and seems to suggest that you can fire more rounds per second while switching out magazines...

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Weapons are dangerous.
That should have been your tweet. Cause the rest of your tweet is pure garbage and not remotely true. Well done.

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You may be the most ignorant poster I’ve read today on Twitter today and, buddy, that’s saying something. You’ve clearly never shot a semi-automatic rifle in your life, have you?

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I see the people who know nothing about guns are spouting off false nonsense again.

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This is not true. It can fire 500,000-1,000,000 rounds per second.

It would be nice if you knew something once in a while. Seriously, comment on things in which you might have some knowledge. This ain’t it, chief.

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You are absolutely delusional. This stuff is why no one has an actual meaningful conversation about always starts with lies like this and deteriorates from there.

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Mostly I’m impressed that you choose not to learn about the weapons you talk about. That’s real determination to remain ignorant.

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Jesus Christ, will you people learn what the hell you are talking about? AR-15s and AK-47s are NOT automatic weapons, they are SEMI automatic, one pull of the finger=one bullet fired. They are NOT anything like an M-16.

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In Igor's new book "Guns Down" he talks about items he obviously doesn't know anything about.

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And they wonder why we don’t want activists like Volsky helping equally ignorant members of Congress write gun control legislation.
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