Teen Steals US Flag, It Takes Vet Just 1 Hour To Track Him Down and Cut Him a Deal

A veteran took matters into his own hands when a teen stole an American flag from his business, and it only took him an hour to crack the case.
Missouri business owner and veteran Bill Hoaglin caught the theft on camera just days ago, and quickly went to the community to discover who took the flag.
The video, posted to Facebook, yielded results almost immediately. Users identified the teen captured on camera as Keaton Chandler, but Hoaglin wasn’t about to call the police on him.
Instead, the veteran graciously offered a deal to teach the teen respect for both property and the flag.
If Chandler would agree to return the stolen property and spend the day handing out miniature flags at Hoaglin’s car wash, then all would be forgiven. Chandler accepted the generous deal.
“The middle flag, I stole it, I made a mistake,” Chandler said, according to Fox2Now. “Don’t steal flags, kids.”
Chandler’s situation could have been a lot worse if he stole from a less forgiving business owner. Instead of throwing the teen into the criminal justice system, Hoaglin is convinced his punishment will have a more positive effect.
“I just feel this is a better learning experience for the young man,” Hoaglin said. “And potentially for other people who know he is here doing it.”
Respect for the American flag has taken a major hit in our country.
Colin Kaepernick and other athletes that young people idolize have staged a major protest of the flag over the past few years. Antifa and other groups are not shy about burning the flag in the open.
ICE protesters infamously tore down a U.S. flag and replaced it with the Mexican colors in a recent viral incident.
Even some members of the U.S. women’s soccer team showed disrespect for the flag on international television, letting it fall to the ground to pose for photos. Another team member rushed to recover the American symbol.
Considering the air time these bad examples get, it’s no wonder disrespect of the flag seems to be at record-high levels.

With veterans like Hoaglin and other concerned citizens working to reach those who would disrespect the flag, there’s still hope for a generation that cherishes and values the red, white and blue.
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