And BOOM! Jason Beale’s thread on desperation of MSM, Dems, and #NeverTrump to push E. Jean Carroll’s accusations is SPOT ON

E. Jean Carroll is making it very hard to believe her own story about Trump allegedly attacking/raping her, but the anti-Trump movement is working hard to find a way.
Hey, we’re not saying she’s lying but we are saying HOLY CRAP it’s hard to take anything this woman has said seriously after watching her interviewed on CNN. Serious red flags, warnings, radar, etc.
Something strange is afoot at the Circle E.
Jason Beale wrote a fairly spectacular thread on what we’re seeing with Carroll’s story:
Fascinating as a student of human behavior to watch the progression of the Trump rape allegation. Despite the glaringly obvious, furiously-blinking red lights emanating from her every interview, we're all treading the well-worn path that guides stories of this nature these days.

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Well-worn path indeed.
The anti-Trump coalition - the press, Democrats, never-Trumpers, et al - are all walking on eggshells, doing their best to avoid looking like complete muppets by buying in to what each and every one of them knows to be the farce that it is. But they've got to represent, so...

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The ends justify the means or something.
...they hold their nose and follow the path required in situations such as this - let the late-night outliers take the mantle (@Lawrence); dutifully provide a morning forum for her madness (Alisyn Camerota); search frantically for a narrative hook that doesn't require full...

43 people are talking about this of her fantastical, meandering contrivance (the story is the lack of interest in the story); wait for a celeb or fringe Dem to say something dramatic and controversial, then bring them on to say everything you don't want to (because you know the story is bullshit).

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Best tweet of the thread, but keep going, the whole thing is awesome.
Then use those "interviews" to defend against fringe leftist claims that you aren't taking the story seriously. It really is fascinating to watch. Does anybody really think the @nytimes simply forgot to pay attention to the story? And they suddenly realized their mistake...
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...and put their best reporters on it? They did what all of did - they rolled their eyes and moved on to other news. But that's not a path they're allowed to take any longer - they have to grudgingly offer some semblance of support to the woman selling a book by telling a...
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...tale so full of holes and counterintuitive behavior and easily-debunked "details" - hence the hard-won mea culpa by the editor sort of, kind of apologizing for not blasting this nonsense above the fold this weekend. It's a silly, silly game being played here, and even the...
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...most deeply-entrenched anti-Trumpers are trying to keep their distance while nodding along with gritted teeth as the more militant amongst them wave the TDS flag. Those poor souls - they're trapped by a deranged, wanna-be grifter who's got them all right where she wants them.
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And they did it to themselves.
While the press will move on from E. jean Carroll as if she and her accusations never existed they will use the accusations as another Jenga block in their narrative of all the “scandals” in the Trump administration, recording her BS in the stat sheet
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Exactly. They’ll add another ‘notch’ to their ongoing narrative that Trump is a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, rapist, Nazi.
It's ridiculous. Even the interviewers see the mental illness. But they stay with the agenda...
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Cooper cut to commercial her interview was so bad. EL OH EL.
But you know, ORANGE MAN BAD.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
And BOOM! Jason Beale’s thread on desperation of MSM, Dems, and #NeverTrump to push E. Jean Carroll’s accusations is SPOT ON And BOOM! Jason Beale’s thread on desperation of MSM, Dems, and #NeverTrump to push E. Jean Carroll’s accusations is SPOT ON Reviewed by Your Destination on June 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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