SCIENCE: Scientific American looks into why white men stockpile guns (racism?)

We’ll admit, we don’t have a lot of faith in the once-respected Scientific American after seeing the once-respected journal Nature reporting that assigning gender by the genitals one is born with “has no foundation in science.”
So now we’ve moved on to “woke science,” and we’re pretty sure that’s what’s being applied here:

Why are white men stockpiling guns? Research suggests it's largely because they're anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market and beset by racial fears. 
What research would that be, exactly?
Scientific American should be ashamed publishing such biased "research". Harvard sent 16 surveys over a few years. All surveys had 150 or less responses. These subjective results are published as definitive research. Total BS.
I'm amazed that they still make such pronouncements with a sample size that was less than what I'd expect to see in a decent master's degree candidate's dissertation.
It would good to have the referenced study available so that we can find out what constitutes "stockpiling"

The research sounds sketchy at best, but why is it that white men “stockpile” guns?
As a male Texan, I was truly worried that the scientific community would never be able to find the right female sociologist from Sheetrock State to mansplain to us about ourselves. Prayers answered.
Firearms are not a one size fits all proposition. Many people like to target shoot, hunt, and/or have the ability to defend their own lives, and the reality is that different firearms are generally needed for these various applications
Also, many people decide to stockpile arms because they are anticipating a more restrictive regulatory environment in the future years
I had to pull my gun on someone last weekend. Never thought the day would come, but it did. I didn’t have to shoot him, but it did stop him from beating a woman to death right in front of me. By research the mean they went in with a preconceived notion and just validated it.
Safely arming ourselves is not only a constitutionally protected right, it’s our civic duty. First responders are amazing and key to our safety but the reality is that it takes time to assist. Every family should be versed in home defense.
I couldn't finished that article. I guess I blame my "stockpile" of guns on a combined 45 years of law enforcement btwn my husband and myself.
I’m old and white I don’t own a weapon but I’m going to buy one just because this damn article is so stupid. cheers!! Racial fears 😂
Pretty sure this research confirmed exactly what the researchers already believed. It’s not “scientific”, but political.
Sure. This article is making me satisfied with my decision to drop my subscription. That was almost 20 years ago, over the uncritical environmental advocacy & ending your best column, the Amateur Scientist. I sometimes see an article worth reading, but this turns me off again.
Dittoes, Tim. I also cancelled when they turned every possible issue into a chance to bash Bush over something.
Yeah, and it really is a shame, because it had been such a great magazine. Up through the late '90s, it was something I read cover to cover. And I do miss The Amateur Scientist. I've got a book of the collected columns from the '50s, including how to build a particle accelerator!
Of it could be we just like guns and shooting them. The fact I have one on me everyday is a bonus.
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SCIENCE: Scientific American looks into why white men stockpile guns (racism?) SCIENCE: Scientific American looks into why white men stockpile guns (racism?) Reviewed by Your Destination on March 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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