Man Trying To Invade New Mother’s Home Ends Up in Nightmare When She & Neighbor Grab Their Guns

An intruder tried to break his way into a home in Federal Way, Washington on Thursday night but was unable to go a step further after he was confronted by an armed resident as well as an armed neighbor.
It was around midnight when homeowner Casandra Cooksey heard someone attempting to enter her house, KING reported. Her husband was at work and she was alone with her infant daughter.
Cooksey knew something was amiss when she heard a car door slam in the front of her house and her dog began to bark.
“When I heard my screen door open, and I just started panicking and instantly grabbed our firearm,” Cooksey said. “I saw a very tall man leaning against the door, and I saw the handle rattling, going up and down.”
Cooksey told KING she believed the man was intoxicated and said that despite her warnings, he wouldn’t leave.
The young mother called her husband, as well as a neighbor, Daniel Wilson, who came out of his home with his own firearm.
“I said ‘you ain’t going nowhere, bud.’ I said, ‘leave the house alone,'” Wilson recalled. “Then he actually looked at me and said, ‘just go ahead and shoot me.'”
Wilson said this isn’t the first time he’s had such encounter — his own home was burglarized in 2017. “Gives you the chills for a little while,” he said.
As Cooksey waited for the police to arrive, she held the man at gunpoint through a nearby window, while Wilson held his spot in the yard.
Once police arrived, they took the unidentified man into custody. However, they ultimately determined that no crime had been committed, and transported him to his residence in Tacoma.
The police’s decision to release the man without any charges left Cooksey with several unanswered questions, though she declined to provide specifics and merely expressed her gratitude that she was able to defend her family.
“That’s the last thing I ever wanted to do, but the first thing that went through my mind when I heard the door trying to be opened, I just wanted to protect myself and my baby,” she said. “And yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would have pulled the trigger to protect myself and her if he got in the house.”
Thankfully for Cooksey and her infant daughter, she didn’t have to pull the trigger, but she and her husband will no doubt rest easier knowing they have the means to do so if necessary.
That ability — to defend one’s own life, liberty and property — is one of the fundamental reasons why our nation’s Founders had the foresight to recognize and codify the natural right of all people to keep and bear arms.
Unfortunately, the Democratic-led state of Washington seems intent on whittling away at that foundational right. If Democrats in the state are ever successful in imposing strict gun control laws on the state’s citizenry, this situation could have ended up quite differently for Cooksey and other young mothers like her.
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