Things from Japan that could change our lives (20 Photos)

The future is now! Well, in Japan anyway. They have refrigerators that come to its owner when he or she calls it. Additionally, the fridge can let you know what beverages and food you have. And, the device doesn’t crash into furniture, people, or pets.
There’s toilet paper with printed information on it for those who spend a lot of time on the toilet. Companies print everything from English learning life hacks to recommendations on how to climb Mount Fuji.
Single-use underwear for when you need to spend the night at your office, traveling, or…elsewhere *wink wink*.
The back doors of taxis open automatically. This was actually implemented in 1964 right before the Olympic games in Japan so the government could show their hospitality. It’s quite helpful when you’re carrying heavy bags and neither you nor the driver has to open the door.
Lonely hearts cafes are for anyone who feels awkward sitting alone when they go out to eat. When you come in without any company, the staff will automatically place a stuffed animal in front of you. Now you’re not alone!
These gummies claim to have an anti-aging effect. Apparently, they contain a large amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid and therefore have a considerable impact on the skin.
In Japan, drink cans have braille on the top for the blind.
Instead of putting your wet umbrella in a plastic bag when you enter a building, there’s a special case that absorbs moisture – it only takes a few minutes to dry.
Jackets with shoulder straps are perfect for those of us who like to bring a jacket “just in case,” but begrudgingly have to carry it around once we end up taking it off.
Giant cups of noodles. The Japenese don’t eat this kind of food every day, but when they do it’s usually served with vegetables, fish, meat, or seafood. We Americans however, probably would eat a giant-ass cup of noodles every single day. I know I would.
Knitted chair socks protect floors from scratches and prevent unpleasant squeaky sounds. In homes with wooden floors, it can be important to keep them in good condition.
Instead of blowing on your food, the Japanese are stepping it up with chopstick fans that cool down your food for you.
There can be more than 24 hours in a day. Some companies indicate time by saying 19:00-26:00 instead of 19:00-2:00 to make it obvious they mean 2 at night. This also enforces the idea that the next doesn’t start at 12AM, but when you go to sleep.
Umbrella “parking lots” can be found next to many office buildings. It’s a great solution to wet umbrellas if you trust that no one will steal it, which I do not.
Babies are crawling all around the house anyway, so the Japanese sometimes use baby mop outfits to help keep the house clean!
If you don’t like sitting with your back in the direction of travel, or even just want to look out the window, turning train seats can help improve your trip.
Adjustable tablet holders mean the days of dropping your phone on your face are over! They say the hands-free holder is perfect for watching movies, but I’m thinking people use it for a specific kind of movies…
Instead of hacking up your bread with a butter knife, you can smoothly apply it with this Japenese butter stick.
Air-conditioned clothes would be a dream for those of us who live in Southern states where it feels like the sun is literally right above you, melting your skin off, in the summer.
Some bathrooms have gentle noise devices by the toilet that you can use to mask the sounds that may occur during your…business.
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