The Albanian drug lords of London: Shameless gangsters who rule capital's drug trade post pictures of guns and wads of cash on public Instagram page with more than 8,000 images (20 Pics)

Members of an Albanian gang flooding Britain with cocaine are brazenly posting pictures online showing off their guns, cash and expensive cars, it was revealed today.
The Hellbanizanz gang, based in Barking, east London, are understood to traffic millions of pounds worth of drugs into the UK each year. 
But rather than hide their illegal activities like other gangs, the group flaunt their wealth and weaponry online, amassing nearly 100,000 followers. 
The east London-based Hellbanianz gang have been boasting about their lawless lifestyle on Instagram. Pictured: Members of the gang drape themselves on luxury cars 
Three gangsters pose next to prison cell walls daubed with the Hellbanizanz gang's logo
The gang, based in Barking, east London, use contacts back in Albania to help them move cocaine from South America to the UK. This picture was captioned: 'London city kontrola'
Images posted to their public Instagram page include a cake made from £50 notes. The gang's HB logo is meanwhile spelled out in drugs
Three leading members of the gang were jailed for a total of 42 years in 2016 after a police operation recovered £6million worth of drugs and a machine gun.
But the jail terms seem to have done little to deter the gang's activities and pictures were posted on their Instagram page as recently as last night.
Yesterday afternoon, one member, pictured showing his middle finger to the camera, wrote: 'I'm trying to spend It.. You still trying to make it #SnowMoney not #ShowMoney'
Shocking images on their social media channels include a cake laden with £50 notes and videos of gang-members in prison rapping about violent attacks. 
Members of the gang have even posted pictures of a small child wearing a gang symbol medallion. 
They boast of having 'city control' over London and claim they are 'ready for war' with rival gangs. 
A member of the Hellbanizanz gang is pictured in his prison cell wearing a designer tracksuit 

Many of the pictures appear to have been taken inside prisons, presumably with mobile phones smuggled in. Members often scrawl the name of the gang on their cell walls
One gang member poses with his middle finger up in an orange Bentley car. The group have links with the Mafia back home in Albania, which gives them a direct supply of cocaine from South American drug cartels
One photo of the Instagram account shows wads of £20 notes on the red car seat
They have leapfrogged other drug gangs in London because of their ruthlessness in violent turf wars, The Daily Express reports.    
In a chilling YouTube video members of the gang rap to warn their rivals. 
They describe themselves as 'God of the streets' and the video shows them posing with flash cars and glamorous women.
They rap: '[Hellbanizanz] is ready for violence, he asked this as proof, ask these or talk about facts, ask this if we shoot.
'London city control, f*** this team with crowns, f*** that bitch from tattoos, the gang has already taken over.
'[Hellbanizanz] is ready for war, with two arms arm wrist, we about dat gango bando, how do you compare to me?'
A police operation to crack down on the gang in 2016 recovered 21kg of cocaine and a Skorpion sub-machine gun. Pictured: A photo posted by the gang this summer
The Gucci-sporting gangsters often pose in their cars wearing masks to hide their identities
One post even shows what is believed to be a small child posing with gangster medallions, which are shaped like guns. The Hellbanizanz Instagram page has more than 8,000 posts
One member of the gang, Tristen Aslanni was jailed for 25 years for firearms and drug offences in June 2016.
He was caught after crashing his car into a shop in Crouch End during a police chase.
Police officers searched a house in connection to his arrest and found a staggering £6million pound drug stash, including cocaine, and a Skorpion machine gun with a silencer. 
Meanwhile in Albania in February this year, a container holding bananas from Colombia unloaded in the main port of Durres was found to contain cocaine worth £160million.
It is likely a large portion of that would have ended up in London had it not been seized by local authorities.
The group have even posted a photo with two pistols side by side, complete with ammunition. They are said to rule London's cocaine trade with an iron fist
The gang are not afraid to show off their ill-gotten gains, often posing with wads of cash
Albanian gangster Tristen Asllani has managed to post this picture online from his jail cell. Asllani was handed a 25-year sentence for conspiracy to supply drugs, dangerous driving and possession of a firearm in 2016
One gang member poses masked with a gold medallion. The Hellbanizanz run a public Instagram page which flaunts their gangster lifestyle
Because Albanian gangs import so much cocaine into Britain, the National Crime Agency believes this is what contributed to the so-called 'county lines' gangs epidemic in Britain.
Some gangs groom young children to take drugs out of London to sell it in quiet towns, and in other areas of the country.
A spokesman at the National Crime Agency said groups like these are expanding and increasing in number.
The spokesman said: 'Albanian crime groups have established a high profile and degree of influence within UK organised crime, and have considerable access to the UK drug trafficking market, particularly cocaine.'
A golden knuckleduster laden with gems in the shape of 'HB' for Hellbanizanz is another of the images posted on the group's public profile 
The gang posts a picture on their public Instagram with balls of cannabis, along with their gold gang symbol medallion. They have even posted a picture of a cake laden with £50 notes and a video of some of its members rapping in prison
They show off their matching tattoos and medallion of the gang symbol of two side by side serpent shaped guns. They have links with the Mafia back home in Albania

The Albanian drug lords of London: Shameless gangsters who rule capital's drug trade post pictures of guns and wads of cash on public Instagram page with more than 8,000 images (20 Pics) The Albanian drug lords of London: Shameless gangsters who rule capital's drug trade post pictures of guns and wads of cash on public Instagram page with more than 8,000 images (20 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on November 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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