Cancer Survivor Allegedly Told By Manager Of Convenience Store To ‘Cover His Face’ In Eating Area

65-year-old Kirby Evans was allegedly asked by the manager of a Walterboro, South Carolina convenience store to "cover his face" while seated in the eating area because of his unusual appearance.
Evans, whose face was left disfigured following the removal of a basal cell carcinoma seven years ago, told ABC affiliate WCIV that "the words that came out of [the manager’s] mouth hurt me so deep." Evans says he left the convenience store in tears following the incident.
Several days later, Evans’ daughter Brandy wrote about her father’s story on Facebook, calling out the manager by name:
My father is a cancer survivor. He lost his left eye and nose to this awful cancer. My father was discriminated against because of the way he looks. He cannot help what the cancer did to him. My father is the strongest man I know, but, as he told me what happened to him, I watched tears roll out of his eye. It hurt me to see him hurt like this, especially over something he cannot help. My father is also on a fixed income, and cannot afford the surgeries it would to take to fix his where his nose was...
I thank GOD every one is not as small-mined as Donna Crosby! I promise you he will never ever set foot in that store again!
Someone identifying as Crosby later commented on the post, writing in part:
I in no way tried to hurt your father! I kindly asked him to please step in my office very kindly. In the kindest manner I knew how. I did not discuss the issue with him in front of anyone! I told him I was very sorry for what had happened to him in his life; that I could tell he had been through a lot with the extreme disformation [sic] of his face. I run a food service business where people dine in, and because it is a convenience store, I always have to go the extra mile to make sure people know we are in the food business and not just your ordinary convenience store!
I did not ask your father to quit coming in the store to eat; all I asked him in my office was [that] if he could cover his face when he came in to eat, I would appreciate it. I do not see absolutely anything wrong with what I did. He would come in at lunch time and sit at the food booths right at my busy time every day. I have bills to pay too, and I work very hard to please my customers, and I would never, ever want to hurt anyone's feelings, but it was the kindest way I knew to come across to him. I do not appreciate you acting like I am a terrible person and I have no heart!
...When you are a business owner you have to do things that are not at all pleasing but I had no choice! It was running my customers off.
 On Wednesday, Brandy Evans created a GoFundMe page ostensibly to raise money for her father. As of publication, $41,705 of the $50,000 goal has been raised.

According to Fox affiliate WCSC, Kirby Evans is overwhelmed by the support since the story went viral, saying: "I’m telling you what, I didn’t know there’s that many people out there that cared – but there are. They’re out there. Everywhere."
The owner’s husband allegedly told the outlet that the store has been "wrongfully accused."
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