School Board Member Posts Close-Up Of Woman's Butt In A Bikini, Tells Her 'Lose About 30'

A school board member in Muscogee County, Georgia, is being lambasted after he posted a close-up of a woman’s rear-end in a bikini on Facebook and told her she needed to “lose about 30.”
District 8 Muscogee County School Board Member Frank Myers, who had supported anti-bullying legislation, was offering comments on a Facebook thread that revolved around Amy Bryan, who was running for city council. Bryan had been the boss of Maggie Reese, a Columbus High alumna and former director of Community Development and Growth at the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce.
Reese told WTVM, "With this local election going on, my former boss Amy Bryan, who is a mentor of mine and honestly, just one of my dearest friends, is running for city council. I saw where a former employee with us at the chamber had said some negative things about her on an article." Reese said Myers started commenting on the thread, which Myers later confirmed.
Myers posted a zoomed-in personal photo of Reese’s rear-end in a bikini gleaned from Reese’s personal page on Facebook, then posted she needed to “lose about 30.”
Reese commented, "Honestly, my immediate response was, thank you for showing your true colors and I hope to know how he is going to explain a zoomed-in photo of my rear-end to his wife and young daughter.” She added, "There are a lot of females that Frank represents on the school board that deal with body issues and eating disorders. Instead of being a representative of that, he's the person that is attacking them."
Myers later apologized on Facebook, writing, “I owe Maggie Reese an apology for posting this photo (from her own page) and referencing her weight during our exchange last night. That was out of bounds and I am sorry.” He posted a further statement later: "I apologized to Maggie this morning. Now I wish we could talk about important issues like how the majority of our third-graders in Muscogee County are unable to read on grade level and how we already know 90% of these young people will end up on public assistance or in prison in a few short years."
The Muscgoee County School District told WTVM, "There is not a specific MCSD board policy on social media posts for board members. The Board of Education is comprised of publicly elected officials. Those elected officials are not employees of the district. The State of Georgia has mandated the adoption of model ethics policies for local Boards of Education. MCSD's board ethics policies can be found online at policy BH."
Reese created a petition calling for Myers to resign or for the school board to do something.
School Board Member Posts Close-Up Of Woman's Butt In A Bikini, Tells Her 'Lose About 30' School Board Member Posts Close-Up Of Woman's Butt In A Bikini, Tells Her 'Lose About 30' Reviewed by Your Destination on July 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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