"You can't get a real job!" Angry businessman who claims to be ex Special Forces accuses buskers of SCROUNGING

This is the shocking moment buskers performing in the street were told to stop "scrounging" by an exasperated businessman who claimed to be "ex-special forces" - during an extraordinary foul-mouthed row in a city centre.
The verbal heckling was captured on mobile phone by the musicians who filmed their encounter with recruitment boss Matthew Morehead in a street in Lichfield, Staffs, on Friday.
The footage, which one of the buskers posted on Facebook, begins with the row already underway - and with Mr Morehead apparently objecting to the group performing their music in the street near his offices and 'how bad they are'.
When he realises he is being filmed he leans into the camera and says: "My name is Matthew Morehead and I run TRSG. We are a recruitment agency and what we do is we put people to work."
One of the buskers off camera interrupts him and says: "Bully people... you bully people!"
Mr Morehead replies: "No, we go to work and pay our tax."
The squabble soon turns into a heated row as the volume increases.
As voices become raised, Mr Morehead proclaims: "I can be louder, I'm ex-Special Forces. My voice is louder than yours!
"These people... they are not going to pay tax, they are going to ruin your lives and also probably, from the sound of it, try and cause people a problem with their business.
"People pay money to be here - not to sit here and scrounge off everybody else!"
Again off camera, one of the buskers can be heard to insist: "We're not scrounging!"
Mr Moorhead replies: "Yes you are - scrounger... Four of you and not one of you has got a real job."
One of the musicians then points out that one of the group Mr Morehead is referring to had served with the Armed Forces for 16 years.
Mr Morehead then turns to speak to the busker in question and asks him: "What unit was you with?"
The busker replied: "I was in the Marines."
Mr Morehead replies abruptly: "Well I'm ex-9th Squadron Airborne." - before then apparently offering to help him find a job.
Mr Morehead tells the man: "So, do you want to stay here with these kind of losers mate? (unintelligible) ...they wouldn't deal with these kind of d****."
Another busker replies: "The only one being a d*** is you."
Mr Morehead replies: "(Unintelligible) ...I'm not afraid of little girls like you... you can't get a real job!"
The row descends into chaos - with Mr Morehead condemning the buskers for 'swearing around children' in the street - before becoming even more bizarre.
As Mr Morehead moves away, one of the musicians strikes up a song - singing with the first line: "I'm a bully..."
Mr Morehead replies singing his own words: "I'm a waster with a life!"
At this point one of the buskers uses the advantage of his microphone and speaker volume to call Mr Morehead an "absolute f****** moron!"
Then another row about swearing in front of children breaks out.
One of the buskers later told MirrorOnline that Mr Morehead has since apologised and has offered to make a £200 donation to charity.
The group claimed the row started when Mr Morehead became angered by performances staged outside his office in Lichfield city centre - and alleged that he tried to surreptitiously obtain his details to complain to the council and threatened to destroy his equipment before the camera started rolling.
The buskers included Joshua Sole and Gary Conway - who both regularly gig around the West Midlands.
In a Facebook video uploaded today, Joshua said: "This guy came storming out asking for my details.
"What he said was 'hi mate I think you're really good can I have your details for weddings'.
"I was like yeah here's my name and then he went aaah you f****** idiot.
"Now I'm going to report you to the police because you didn't give your details to the council.
"I work there and you've been disrupting my f****** business all day and next time I'm going to smash your amp up with 30 of my mates."
Joshua claimed he received a message from Mr Morehead on Sunday in which he apologised and offered to pay £200 to a charity of the musicians' choosing after reflecting on his behaviour.
He said Mr Morehead claimed he had been abused online since the video surfaced.
Joshua said he accepted the apology - but he added that he doubted the gesture would have been offered if the video hadn't received attention online.
He added that the buskers were yet to choose a charity for the £200 donation.
TRSG stands for The Recruitment & Support Group which, according to its website, provides "recruitment solutions to clients searching for quality employees and individuals looking for career opportunities".
The claim to be 'ex-9th Squadron Airborne' is believed to refer to the 9 Parachute Squadron airborne detachment of the Royal Engineers in the British Army - whose history stretches back to World War II and featured prominent roles in Operation Market Garden, the Falklands War, Kosovo and Afghanistan.
"You can't get a real job!" Angry businessman who claims to be ex Special Forces accuses buskers of SCROUNGING "You can't get a real job!" Angry businessman who claims to be ex Special Forces accuses buskers of SCROUNGING Reviewed by Your Destination on May 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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