Celebrities Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Got Famous (103 Pics)

Steve Buscemi Was A Firefighter. During The 9/11 Attacks He Returned To His Former Job As A New York Firefighter To Help Out
Christopher Walken Was A Lion Tamer, He Was 16 At The Time And Would Perform With A Lioness Named Sheba
Danny DeVito Was A Hairdresser For Corpses, He Would Style Women's Hair To Make Them Look Beautiful Before They Went Six Feet Under
Harrison Ford Was A Carpenter
Christopher Lee Worked For The Intelligence Service
Johnny Depp Worked As A Telemarketer And Hated It, He Only Made One Sale - And Promptly Talked The Customer Out Of The Purchase
Pierce Brosnan Was A Professional Fire Eater In His Teens And Performed Under The Big Top For Three Years
Jim Carrey Quit School To Support His Family And Started Working As A Janitor
Rihanna Was An Army Cadet
Brad Pitt Used To Dress Up As A Chicken For An El Pollo Loco Restaurant In Hollywood
Barack Obama Was An Ice Cream Scooper At Baskin Robbins
Hugh Jackman Used To Be A Gym Teacher
Bob Ross Was A Sergeant In The Air Force
George Clooney Sold Women's Shoes, Was A Door-To-Door Insurance Salesman, Stocked Shelves, Was A Construction Worker, Cut Tobacco
Bill Murray Used To Sell Chestnuts Outside Of A Chicago Grocery Store
Gal Gadot Served In The Israeli Defense Forces
David Bowie Worked As A Butcher's Delivery Boy
Katheryn Winnick Is An Accomplished Martial Artist Who Holds A Third-Degree Black Belt In Taekwondo And A Second-Degree Black Belt In Karate. By 21 She Had Founded And Owned 3 Martial Arts Schools
Jason Lee Was A Professional Skateboarder
Chris Pratt Worked As A Stripper While Struggling To Make A Living In Hawaii
Helen Mirren Worked As A Promoter For An Amusement Park In Southend On Sea
Tom Hanks Was A Popcorn And Peanuts Vendor
Kate Winslet Was A Sandwich Maker In A Delicatessen
Liam Neeson Trained To Be A Teacher
Whoopi Goldberg Was A Morgue Beautician
Sandra Bullock Worked As A Bartender And Waitress At A Restaurant In Manhattan
Tim Allen Was A Drug Dealer
Channing Tatum Used To Be A Stripper
Nicole Kidman Studied Massage So She Could Help Her Mother, Who Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, With Physical Therapy
Gerard Butler Was A Trainee Lawyer But Got Fired Due To His Partying And Frequently Missing Work
Charlize Theron Studied At The Joffrey Ballet School In New York, But Had To Cut Her Dancing Career Short Due To A Knee Injury At The Age Of 19
 Jon Hamm Was A Set-Dresser For Porn Films
Victoria Beckham Played A Sperm On Roller Skates For A BBC Sex Education Show Called ‘Body Matters’
Michelle Pfeiffer Was A Cashier At A Supermarket
 Jake Gyllenhaal Was A Lifeguard
Sheryl Crow Was A Music Teacher In An Elementary School
Evangeline Lilly Worked As A Flight Attendant
Adrien Brody Performed Magic Shows At Children's Birthday Parties As "The Amazing Adrien"
Rachel Mcadams Worked At McDonalds
 Lucy Liu Was A Secretary, Aerobics Instructor And A Hostess
Jon Bon Jovi Worked As A Christmas Decoration Maker
Matthew Mcconaughey Cleaned Chicken Coops And Washed Dishes
Julia Roberts Worked As A Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Scooper
Bradley Cooper Worked As A Doorman At The Morgans Hotel
Mick Jagger Was A Bexley Mental Hospital Porter
 Jennifer Aniston Was A Telemarketer
Jennifer Lopez Worked In A Law Office
Walt Disney Was A Paper Boy
Halle Berry Used To Work At Daily Express
Ashton Kutcher Swept Cereal Dust At A General Mills Factory, Sold His Blood For Extra Cash
Queen Latifah Worked At McDonalds
Kate Bosworth Was A Competitive Horse Rider
Michael Fassbender Was An Altar Boy At Weddings And Baptisms, Conducted Market Research For Britain's Royal Mail And Had Numerous Bartending Positions
 Vince Vaughn Was A Lifeguard At The YMCA
 Patrick Dempsey Was A Juggler
Jake Johnson Used To Sell Burritos Out Of A Van
 Ozzy Osbourne Used To Work At A Slaughterhouse
Madonna Worked At Dunkin Donuts Until She Got Fired
Demi Moore Was A Debt Collector
Elon Musk Shoveled Dirt In A Boiler Room For $18/hour
 James Franco Worked At McDonalds
Megan Fox Was A Waitress, She Quit Because Customers Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off Her Body
Gwen Stefani Worked At Dairy Queen
Eva Mendes Worked In A Pizza Place And A Hot Dog Stand In Local Mall
Courtney Cox Worked For A New York Concert Booking Agency
 Pink Worked At McDonalds
Amy Adams Was A Hooters Waitress
Nelly Furtado Used To Work As A Chambermaid
Will Ferrell Was A Hotel Valet
Lady Gaga Was A Waitress
Tina Fey Was A Snack Bar Server At A Swim Club
 Marisa Tomei Worked At A Tony Roma's Steakhouse
 Eminem Was A Short-Order Cook
 Blake Shelton Used To Paint Houses
 Julianne Moore Was A Waitress
Ewan Mcgregor Was A Stagehand At Perth Repertory Theatre
Mariah Carey Studied Cosmetology And Had Several Jobs In Salons Before She Gave Up On That Dream
Rooney Mara Was A Summer Camp Counselor
Jennifer Garner Was A Restaurant Hostess
Harry Styles Worked At The W. Mandeville Bakery In Holmes Chapel
Andrew Garfield Worked At Starbucks
Beyoncé Used To Sweep Up Hair In Mama Tina Knowles' Hair Salon
America Ferrera Worked As A Waitress While Attending The University Of Southern California
Sarah Silverman Waited Tables At A Mexican Restaurant Called La Cantina
Lana Del Rey Was A Waitress
Jennifer Hudson Worked At Burger King
Tom Cruise Attended Seminary With An Aspiration Of Becoming A Priest
Elizabeth Banks Was A Waitress
 Chace Crawford Worked At Abercrombie & Fitch
Simon Cowell Was A Post Boy At Emi Record Label
Sarah Jessica Parker Trained In Singing And Ballet
Ashley Judd Was A Hostess At The Ivy Restaurant
 Ellen Pompeo Was A Bartender
Matthew Morrison Worked At Gap
Gwyneth Paltrow Was A Waitress
Kanye West Was A Sales Assistant At Gap
Kelly Clarkson Worked As A Cocktail Waitress At Multiple Comedy Clubs In Texas
50 Cent Used To Be A Dealer
 Naya Rivera Worked As A Waitress At Hooters
Chelsea Handler Was A Waitress At A Morton's Steakhouse
Jay-Z Was A Drug Dealer
 Nicki Minaj Was A Waitress
Holy Madison Worked As A Waitress At Hooters

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