Pics of Familiar Faces (75 Pics)

Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth at McDonald’s, 1978
A 17 year-old Elon Musk, wearing two hats and holding a hammer the wrong way. Clearly his genius started early.
Tupac opening Christmas presents.
Steven Spielberg on the set of JAWS.
Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye, back when they worked at Häagen-Dazs.
Katharine Hepburn skateboarding. She was quite fond of it, apparently.
Richard Brooker as Jason Voorhees reading Time Magazine on the set of Friday the 13th Part III.
Robin Williams and Todd Oppenheimer working their mime skills in 1974, Central Park, NY.
Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall play with a puppy during a break in filming on the set of The Breakfast Club.
Aww, baby Jack Black.
A wee Simon Pegg.
Iggy Pop's yearbook photo.
Tim Curry doing makeup testing for IT.
Elvis Presley with his folks. They look like real cool cats who were down with his rock 'n roll music, right?
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, with Erik Estrada on the set of CHiPS. Jesus Christ was she hot.
Buster Keaton with pocket dog, colorized. Hubba hubba.
Woody Allen and Michael Jackson attend the 1978 Pedophile Convention. Kidding. I have no idea where they are, but yeah.
Liberace and Cher.
Pre-Chaz Chastity Bono with pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston, back in high school.
Pope John Paul visits the set of the Blues Brothers, here having his hand kissed by John Belushi. Just...WTF.
Freddie and Darth Vader, Radio Gaga performance.
Pee Wee Herman and Phil Hartman. Miss you Phil.
Super 80s-y Ozzy Osborne and Annette Funicello for Skippy peanut butter. Because why not.
Henry Kissinger discusses politics with Dolly Parton.
Colonel Sanders and Alice Cooper, because of course.
John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono.
Eartha Kitt and James Dean. I have no idea what the context here could possibly be and isn't that just delicious?
Hey lady, nice pumpkin. Sigourney Weaver.
Gene Simmons and Brooke Shields
A very young John Waters. I know what you're thinking: are you sure that's not a young Steve Buscemi? Keep scrolling.
Steve Buscemi as John Waters, 1995.
Young and sassy Gillian Anderson.
But I'm too young for a nice chianti! A very wee Anthony Hopkins.
Mr. Stay Puft
Just: Ann-Margret. Need I say more?
Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, back when she was only her momma's princess. :)
Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall.
Wow. I just. No. I don't want "intimacy advice" from any of these people.
Stephen King, 4 years old.
Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill recreate the famous Star Wars movie poster in a hotel room, 1978.
Downtime on the set of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. This picture isn't that interesting, but I keep going back to it because of how serious it looks. The film is so flamboyant and fun, and this picture is so....not that.
Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke, 1995. Annie Leibovitz photographer, of course.
Janis Joplin's high school yearbook photo, 1960.
Dave Grohl, Ru Paul, tiny Frances Bean, and Kurt Cobain. The shit eating grin on Grohl kills me, and Kurt's death grip on his child's
Back in his earlier body building days, Arnold Schwarzenegger worked for a brickylaying/patio biz called European Brickworks.
Speaking of Arnold Schwarzenegger, screentests for Junior,1994.
Woof. Here's a very atypical photo of Judy Garland, a test for Annie Get Your Gun. She was always late to set and often combative, so they released her and eventually hired Betty Hutton for the role which she made famous.
A little something for the ladies (well, sort of). Ian McKellen, backstage during a production of Ruling the Roost in 1972.
Chaka Khan waits for the bus near the Capitol Records building.
Jayne Mansfield displays her two lovely chihuahuas in the frozen food section. Those puppies are probably pretty cold.
Kurt Cobain, guitar technician Big John Duncan, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic backstage at James A. Rhodes Arena during a Halloween show, 1993. Kurt dressed as Barney the dinosaur, Pat as Slash and Krist as politically correct Ted Danson with whiteface.
Stephen Colbert and David Schwimmer with their improv group "No Fun Mud Pirhanas" at Northwestern Uni.
Dave Grohl high school yearbook photo, not sure what the performance is.
Dee Wallace Stone, Gary Morgan and director Lewis Teague showing off some excellent gams during some downtime filming Cujo.
Stars, they're just like us: Elvis playing some football.
Carrie Fisher practicing holding/shooting a gun for Star Wars, 1977.
Chris Farley. Miss you, dude.
A rare face shot of Felix Silla, the man behind (or inside I suppose) Cousin It.
Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder on the set of Hanky Panky, 1982.
Young hippie Harrison Ford working his carpenter gig.
Carrie Fisher with her stunt double Tracey Eddon and a very lucky Vic Armstrong in the middle, set of Return of the Jedi.
17 year old Susan Sarandon.
That's some serious resting Hitch face. Alfred Hitchcock in drag. Context was conspicuously absent so feel free to help a girl out.
Judy and a few munchkins during a break in filming the Wizard of Oz, 1938. I love the non-ruby slippers, probably hidden away on a high shelf during breaks to keep them clean, the Life magazine, and the half-dressed munchkin. What a world, what a world.
Kurt Cobain playing drums at Montesano High School.
Malcom McDowell and Stanley Kubrick play a little ping pong during a break in filming A Clockwork Orange.
Tiny, innocent wee Johnny Knoxville.
Michael Jackson "in disguise" out on the town with Tatum O'Neal.
MIchael Keaton working as a stagehand on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in the early 70s.
Motley Crue's Tommy Lee never looked so normal, here drumming in the Royal Oak High School Band.
I prefer candids over posed shots, but I couldn't resist putting this promotional shot from The Outsiders in. Look at those baby faces: Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, and Matt Dillon, 1983.
Neil Young wearing a Bart Simpson mask at a Sonic Youth show, 1990.
Young, hip Bela Lugosi.
Young and sassy Rue McClanahan.
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