Rare Pics Of Celebrities Back In The Days Captured By A Teen Photographer (100 Pics)

Brad Elterman is a professional photographer from California, who started his incredible career at the age of 16 when his first image was published. It was a photo of Bob Dylan in concert in 1974 and it was his ticket to the backstage of the rock 'n' roll world.
The artist focused on candid moments of celebrities. "I wasn't a traditional rock 'n' roll photographer because I didn't give a shit about taking a photograph of someone holding a guitar," he told vice. That's what all the other photographers at the time were doing, and I wasn't interested in those generic concert pictures. I photographed backstage—those were the really exciting pictures that told a story; those were the images that the magazines were craving."
Now, 40 years later, Brad Elterman is still an incredibly popular photographer whose style has not changed much. "It hasn't changed at all. Most of the editors today tell me not to change anything and shoot it just like I was back there in 1977 with Joan Jett."

David Bowie, 1975
Freddy Mercury
 Olivia Newton John And John Travolta, 1978
Chuck Berry And Michael Jackson, 1979
 Joan Jett, 1977
 John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, 1978
Joan Jett And Jackie Fox, 1977
The Ramones, 1978
 Duran, 1982
Michael And Liza, 1980
Alice Cooper & Vincent Price, 1978
Frank Sinatra, 1980
Gene Simmons And Brooke Shields, 1978
Madonna, 1982
Michael Jackson, 1978

Brooke Shields
Debbie Harry, 1977
Joan Jett, 1977
Ringo, John Lennon And Yoko, 1976
John Travolta, 1978
Muhammad Ali
Peter Frampton, 1978
Paul Stanley From Kiss, 1978
Joan Jett, 1977

Sid Vicious, 1978

Joan Jett, 1977
Christiane F. 1978
 Iggy "No Photos" Pop, 1980
Adam Ant, 1978
Tom, Todd & Bebe, 1978
Cherie Currie And Secret Twin Sister, 1978
Bob Dylan, 1976
Cherie Currie Of The Runaways, 1977
 Debbie Harry
 John Taylor, 1981
 Rod Stewart, 1976
 Leif Garrett, 1980
Nina Hagen
 Steve Jones, 1978
David Byrne Of The Talking Heads Ucla, 1976
Bob Dylan, 1976
The Ramones, 1978
Debbie Harry, 1978
Michael Jackson
Joan Jett, 1977
 Joan Jett, 1977
Valley Chicks, 1977
The Runaways, 1979
 Matt Dillon, 1980
Lita For Of The Runaways, 1978
Joan Jett, 1977
Joey Ramone, 1979
Cherie Currie, 1977
Carly Simon And Husband James Taylor
 Bob Dylan, 1974
Duran, 1982
Ryan & Farrah, 1980
Anna Nicole Smith
Cherrie Currie, 1977
Runaways, 1978
 Kim Fowley
Runaways, 1976
Steve Jones, 1980
Leif Garrett
 Norman Vane, 1980
Cherie And Her Twin, 1977
Mark Mothersbaugh, 1980
Bob Dylan 1976
 Mark Mothersbaugh, 1980
 Cherie Currie Of The Runaways, 1977
Christiane F., 1978
Steve Jones From Sex Pistols
Bebe Buell And Stiv Bators, 1978
Kim Fowley, 1977
The Playboy Mansion
Ron Gallela, 1976
Ian Hunter, 1977
The Industrialists, 1977
Christiane F. 1978
Bob Dylan, 1976
Burt, 1977
The Farmers Market, 1975
Kim Fowley, 1977
Cherie Currie Of The Runaways, 1977
Rodney And Backstage Pass, 1977
 Dog Den, 1977
Norman Vane, 1980
 Jerry Schneider, 1980

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