How to use a Japanese Love Hotel (22 Pics)

Love hotels for adults that are super popular in Japan, with an estimated annual revenue of $40 billion. Here's how you use them (and a bit of an exploration). Identification: Love hotels are best identified by signs with prices for "Rest" and "Stay". "Rest" is the rate for a short stay, usually up to 3 hours. "Stay" is the price for a night.
Parking: Should you come by car, most love hotels offer somewhat hidden parking areas. Of course privacy is important, so they even offer number plate covers.
Checkin:Because of privacy, you usually won't meet any staff during your stay. The checkin ist done at some kind of touchscreen or similar, which shows pictures and rates of the different rooms. Once a room is selected here, its door will open and you can enter. You will pay as you go at the checkout (see below).
Once you have checked in, it's time to explore your room. This one has a nice living area with TV and sofa.
And of course a large bed.
There are also a LOT of amenities: Towels and bath ropes
More towels and Yukata (Japanese bath ropes)
Razor, lots of tooth brushes (4 on the above image). Hair brushes, ladies amenities.
Bubble bath powder, spa bath, wellness balls.
Face soap, moisturizer, hair wax and more.
And because it's a love hotel, there will also be condoms. In this case there are these three. I like the "Big Honey, L Size" the best.
There will also be the one ore other vending machine. If you press any of the green buttons, the little door underneath will open and the price of the drink will be added to your invoice.
Same goes for this vending machine, which has some other extras, like additional condoms, lubricate and toys.
Entertainment: There will also be lots of TVs. This room has one in the living room (see above), one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom (see below). On the TV you are able to watch video on adult and non-adult videos, YouTube, browse the interned and order food or costumes.
Should you decide to order food or costumes, they will be stored in this service cupboard. You can then pick it up anytime you want, without having to meet anyone.
This panel allows you to control the room temperature, change the music and the brightness and mood of the light.
It's Japan, so there will be karaoke. The book under the remote control contains 1000s of songs from which you can select.
Bathroom area: The toilet will probably be a standard Japanese washlet, with bidet functionality, just like you are used to .
The sink: Very clean and with a lot of the amenities shown above.
The jacuzzi can easily host two persons, probably even more. Make sure you clean yourself at the shower on the left before you enter the tub as it is custom in Japan (or don't, nobody will see you). Next you will probably want to do what you actually came for, take a nap with your partner or whatever. But this is not what this post is about.
Checkout: In the adult vending machine's top left compartment is a members card, which doesn't require registration and will instantly grant 5% off on the first visit and 15% on every visit after that .
Once you want to leave, you will have to checkout in your room. There will be a machine at the entrance area for that. Two things to note here: 1. Once you are in your room, the door will shut and you will need to pay first if you want to leave. 2. Some hotels might not accept credit cards, so you should carry some cash, just to be on the save side. And that's it. Now you can go back to your car and leave.
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