Camouflage Animals Spot the sneaky bastards (43 Pics)

Keep your eyes fixed at the center of the pic until you find the beak of the birdy thingy. It's called Great Potoo.
A Leaf Frog camouflaged on a leaf. Spot the red eye.
Hardest one to spot.Just look for the head shape of a Gecko.It's called a Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko for obvious reasons.

Start from the center of the pic and slowly move left till you see the face of a snow leopard.

An Orchid Mantis sits inside of a flower because it loves to.
Another nope called the Lichen spider.Look for its hairy legs at the center of the pic

On the right, towards the bottom, it's a toad. It's called the bat faced toad.
The top leaf isn't actually a leaf. It's a gecko masquerading as one.
Look closely and see the eyes of the thing.
It's a nope. A well hidden nope. Once you see the eyes you can figure out the rest of it.
See the blur in the middle of the leaf. It's actually a caterpillar.
The third leaf from the top is not a leaf..
This tree is sleeping.
It's a gecko.
To the right bottom, a toad, there are 3 toads in this.
No, this is not a stick. It's an insect unsurprisingly called the stick insect.
This sneaky little shit is called a pygmy seahorse. See how well it blends with the surrounding corals.
And this sneaky shit is called a katydid(TIL) aka bush cricket(lol, even that sounds dirty, chuckles like an immature highschooler)
It's a moss tailed gecko, try to find the head, towards the right on the branch.
Just a big spotted kitty taking a post deer nap.
This one is pretty obvious, this birdy is called an Egyptian Nightjar. Looks like she is meditating. Even birds know the beneficial effects.
I put this just to fool you guys, there's nothing here.Nope lol, I lied, it's a stone fish.
Yet another fishy. Find the eye, find the fish. 
Yeah.Nope. It's a hairy nope with hairy legs. A nope you wouldn't wanna find on your bed.
Holy crab. Try to find the twig like legs. It's called an arrow head crab. 
Ok I am running out of witty things to say. It's a white rabbit though. This works for really really pale people too. I once lost my ex in the snow. She blended so well, never found her.
It's a mantis. Try to find the twig like legs. Dead leaf Mantis, that's what it's called for obvious reasons.
Grasshopper doing what they are supposed to, hopping on grass. If you look in the center you will find the legs.
It's white in front of you. The bird with two beady eyes.
On the right. The giraffe.
On the left beside the tree, the wolf.
On the left, spot the eyes.
Look to the right, the owl
To the left, a parrot.
Spot those eyes in the middle. Snake hiding in the desert sand. I no longer wanna roll down a sand dune.
Look at the right bottom. Can you spot the leopard?
A falcon among the rocks, to your left.
Squirrel on the rocks.
That tree has eyes. Probably the last living Ent.
Spotted deer. They are tasty. 
It's white out there. The bird white in front of you. Ok, I'll leave now.
It's a cheetah cub, chilling.
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