Passive Aggressive Office Notes That Are So Good You Can’t Even Be Mad (100 Pics)

Forever In The Friend Zone
 Found This At Work Today
 Walked Past The It Office Door And Noticed A New Sign
Those Office Trends, I Don't Get Them
 Please Keep The Door Closed
At Least Your Coworkers Have A Great Sense Of Humour
 The People In My Office Just Couldn't Help Themselves
Leave The Office For 10 Mins
 The Office Philosopher
An Email Went Out Around The Office About A Lost Pen. This Appeared In The Break Room The Next Day
 They Just Don't
 New Rules For Posting Notices In The Office
Apparently Debbie Has A Bit Of Bad Reputation Around The Office Refrigerator
 Sacarsm At The Office
I Don't Know Why I Can't Stop Laughing At This
 I Believe We Have An Office Thief, Damn
Housekeeping At My Friend's Office Missed A Dead Cricket. It Has Since Snowballed Into A Full On Memorial
This Sarcastic Advice In The Office
Spoiled Milk, Spotted In My Office
Possible Troll In The Office?
Please Do Not Print Large Jobs. Or, By All Means, Please Do!
The Office Fridge Today
 My Office Refuses To Take Down This Non Operating Antiquated Piece Of Equipment , So I Did The Only Logical Thing
That's What Jesus Said
This Is What Happens When People Submit Passive-Aggressive Office Memos Where I Work
The First Thing I Noticed About My Dad's Office
 Break Room Logic
Note About The Middle Aged Man Named Brian
Walked Into The Office Kitchen To Find This
Microwave At The Office Is Out Of Order & I Work With Artists/Comedians
This Hair
 I Work At A Cut-Throat Office
 When You Leave A Note In An Office Full Of Editors
Coffee Fight
 I Wonder Why
 Why The Font
 "Please Eat Me! I´m Delicious"
Three Of My Professors Share An Office. This Was Just Put Up On Their Door
My Husband Just Sent Me This Saying The Office Is A Minefield
 As A Worker In An It Office, It Is Sad This Had To Be Done
A Touching Gesture From My Company After 9 Years Of Employment Came To An End
Someone In The Office Is A Fan Of Archer
Not The Kittens, Please
Got A New Job Last Week. This Is The Leaving Cake I Made For The Office On My Last Day
As Office It, My Response To Google Cloud Print Complains
The Latest Office Baby Announcement Just Got Awkward
 Found This On The Fridge At Work. I'm Pretty Concerned For A Fellow Coworker
Ice From Home
In My Office, About 100 People Share One Communal Fridge. One Person Has Been Bringing A Gallon Of Milk For Months And Completely Ignoring How Much Room It Takes Up
 No, Not Okay
Even Star Wars Is Getting Political In My Office
Office Ice Machine Breaks Down, Post-it Drama Ensues
Someone Ate My Co-Workers Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. My Co-Worker Left A Note And The Thief Did Too
Case Of The Mondays? At Least You Don't Work With These People
These Are Posted On My Office's Fridge
 Lazy Isn't A Handicap
 Soup Thief
Coming Soon, From Pixar...
 These Are Even Printed On A Post-It
Saw This In Our Break Room
Taking Passive-Aggressive To A New Level At The Office
Ransom Note Found In My Office Kitchen This Morning
 Everybody Else
Found This Sign In My Office Bathroom
Mean Pranks
 So My Work Colleague Left Me This Note
Found This On The Fridge At Work. I'm Pretty Concerned For A Fellow Coworker
 Office Rat
Alrighty Then
This Is My Job's Break Room Problem
Air Conditioning Problems
 Microwave At Work Died. I Made A Note
With Great Fragrance Comes Great Responsibility
A Kind Reminder
Found In The Fridge At Work ????
A Mostly Female Office First Turned The Mens Bathroom Into A Ladies. And Then It Broke
Found In The Ladies' Room. (not So Lady-like.)
 Well It's Free :)
 Mr Bean Knows The Truth...

 Our Office Walls Were Severed By The Earthquake.
Do Not Engage Deadbolt
 Corn Letter
Bin In The Bin
What A Difficult Life....
And The Opposite Effect If You Don't Understand English
Rusty Is Our Office Dog Jay Is Our Video Editor.
On Our Vending Machine...
Hopefully This Is Scary Enough To Stop People From Drinking Without Permission...
 Found At Office Cafe
 Clean Up!
Too Many Colleagues Who Never Wash Common Utensils....
Work Email
In Tank Factory
In Case You Can't Remember How To Exit A Bathroom Stall...........
 Don't Use Our Washing Up Liquid...
They Were Jealous Of My Pen!

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