Treasure trove of never-before-seen photographs capture a gritty and grimy New York from the 1960s to the 1990s (33 Pics)

Photographer Carole Teller's 'Changing New York' shows how lower Manhattan has both changed and stayed the same through three decades. Pictured are two boys and a homeless man on the East River waterfront in the early 1960

The artist, who has lived in the East Village since the early 1960's, kept her lens trained on the city as buildings came and went, while others refused to relent. Pictured: Three men riding a bus in the late 1970s 

Teller's photos are being shared by the Greenwich Village Society. Pictured: A vendor tries to sell a chicken on Canal Street in the early 1980s 

The Washington Square Arch, wrapped in 8,000 yards of polyester net by artist Francis Hines, in 1980

'I am the best artist' mural, by Rene Moncada, on 500 Broome Street. Rene's murals popped up throughout Soho from the 1970s to the 1990s and are considered icons of the neighborhood's art world 

Musicians and vendors stand by the Cube, which has been on display in Astor Place for exactly 50 years  

Teller's collection is a mix of black and white and color photos, with almost all of them featuring local New Yorkers. Pictured: A woman walks by a graffiti-ridden building on East 1st St in 1991 

A crowd gathers around an accordion player and a singer in Washington Square Park in the 1970s 

A group of men in suits and fedora hats watch a game at a bocce court at First Park near East Houston St in 1963

Paul McGregoir Haircutters, where the shag haircut was invented and was inspiration for film Shampoo, in 1970

An ice vendor in the Lower East Side prepares a snow cone for a man in 1960. The picture illustrates a tradition in New York that is still seen in the summer months today 

Francis Ford Coppola's legendary film The Godfather being filmed on East 6th Street in 1971, a year before its release 

The Orpheum Theater shows Little Shop of Horrors, which closed in 1987, on the iconic St Marks Street 

Lincoln Swados, the brother of writer Elizabeth Swados, types in front of East 4th St. in the early 1980s

A woman sits on a stoop with a parrot resting on her shoulder in the early 1980s, location unknown 

A mother and her son stand on the north side of East 4th Street dressed in their Sunday best in the late 1960s

The Bread and Puppet Theater Parade, which still exists today, marches down on Bleecker Street in 1980

An artist paints a mural for Veselka, a famous Ukranian restaurant that was founded in 1954, in the mid 1980s

A Drink Milk, Eat Milk sign on sidewall of Elizabeth Street

A mural on the sidewall of a building looking east on Chambers Street from Greenwich Street

People walk and wait for the light to change on the corner of West Broadway and Broome Street in the mid 1980s

A group of women relaxon the steps of a building on East 10th Street in the mid 1980s

Activist Adam Purple, who became famous in New York City for the 'Garden of Eden' he built after a building was razed behind his apartment (pictured here in 1980)

A man reading a newspaper on a couch on Second Avenue, between 3rd and 4th streets, in the late 1970s

A Latino church procession marches in the street south on Second Avenue in the 1970s

Hare Krishnas dance on Second Avenue in 1969. The Hare Krishna mantra was first brought to New York in 1965

The old Penn Station being demolished on 33rd Street & 7th Avenue in 1963

A building being demolished where 160 Water Street now stands sometime between 1960 and 1971

The Washington Square Arch & George Washington Statue in 1980 

The Coca Cola sign on west wall of 60 Grand Street in the 1980s. Some of the sign is still visible today 

The S. Klein Department Store being demolished on the northeast corner of 14th Street & Union Square East in 1984

45 East 7th Street which was destroyed by 2015 gas explosion and remains an empty lot today 

The Midtown Skyline photographed from 1st Avenue & 4th Street, date unknown 
Treasure trove of never-before-seen photographs capture a gritty and grimy New York from the 1960s to the 1990s (33 Pics) Treasure trove of never-before-seen photographs capture a gritty and grimy New York from the 1960s to the 1990s (33 Pics) Reviewed by Your Destination on August 20, 2017 Rating: 5


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