Trump Leads Biden In Five Of Seven Swing States, Poll Finds

 Former President Donald Trump now leads incumbent President Joe Biden in five of seven swing states and is tied with him in one more, a recent poll found.

The poll of registered voters, conducted by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult from May 7th to the 13th, found that Trump has a four point lead over Biden across all swing states. The former president is up by five points in Arizona, seven points in North Carolina, three points in Georgia, and two points in Pennsylvania, as well as one point in Wisconsin.

Trump and Biden are tied in Nevada while the Democrat has just a one point lead over Trump in Michigan. The poll of 4,962 registered swing state voters has a margin of error of one point. Though Trump enjoys leads in the majority of swing states, the race has tightened since last month when the former president had stronger advantages, most notably in Wisconsin and Georgia.

Those surveyed were also relatively pessimistic about the economy, with 55 percent saying that the economy in their state was headed in the wrong direction as opposed to 45 percent who said that it is going in the right direction.

The poll findings come as Trump and the Republican National Committee outraised Biden and the Democratic National Committee last month marking a reversal of the trends in March when Biden and the Democrats outraised Trump and the Republicans.

The public opinion survey from Bloomberg News/Morning Consult is one more in a growing number of polls that could spell trouble for the Democratic incumbent.

An ABC News/Ipsos poll recently found that voters trust Trump to handle the economy, immigration, and crime more than they trust Biden. The three issues are set to be some of the top concerns among voters in the presidential election. A wider share of voters also indicated that they approve of Trump’s performance in office compared to Biden’s, one Harvard Harris poll revealed.

Voters also appear to be in favor of Trump’s flagship promises on immigration. One recent survey found that 61 percent of Independents believe that we should deport illegal immigrants, one of the key cornerstones of Trump’s 2024 immigration agenda.

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