Pro-Hamas Protesters At University Of Chicago Demand ‘HIV Tests, Dental Dams, Plan B’ And More

 Pro-Hamas protesters at the University of Chicago released a list of “supply needs” for their encampment this week that includes items for sexual activity.

UChicago United for Palestine, a leftist group “committed to Palestinian liberation and racial justice at The University of Chicago,” created a list of “supply needs” that included vaseline, HIV tests, dental dams, Plan B, and diva cups.

The full list, which was posted on their Instagram account, includes: “Table (needed most, urgent!), Heat gloves (needed most), Wound-packing gauze (needed most), portable chargers (needed most), Kerlix gauze (needed most), CAT tourniquets (needed most), ACE bandages (needed most), 4×4 gauze (needed most), ABD pads for wounds (needed most), Goggles (needed most), Emergency bandage (needed most), Trauma shears (needed most), Vaseline, Tweezers, CPR masks (2), Butterfly suture closures, Disposable stethoscopes, camping sink, Buckets w/ lids, Helmets, HIV tests, dental dams, plan b, Diva cups, Chapstick, Mylar blankets, contact solutions and cases, IFAK pouches, Covid tests, battery powered lanterns, flashlights, Behind the ear mask buffers (to take pressure off from wearing mask for a long time), portable chargers!, Serving utensils, and serving bowls.”

The protesters are demanding that the university divest any investments that it has in Israeli institutions, companies that do business with Israel, or weapons manufacturers, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

The protesters established their encampment on the campus on Monday, the report said, and the school has said that it wants to afford them “the greatest leeway possible for free expression.”

The list from the University of Chicago protesters was similar to a list released by pro-Hamas protesters at UCLA this week before law enforcement officials arrested them and shut down the encampment.

The needs were written in a Google document posted online by the local chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Included in the list of “urgent” needs were items that are often used by rioters like Antifa, including: Airsoft Goggles, Gas masks/respirators, Skater helmets, Shields, Wood for barriers, Knee and elbow pads, Rain ponchos, Canopies, Utility gloves of various sizes (especially for small hands), Super bright flashlights with strobe, and umbrellas.

The protesters also demanded medical supplies, including Epi-Pens, Non-steroid Inhalers, Headlamps, and Organizational bins.


For food, the protesters demanded: “hot food for lunch!!! (IMPORTANT!!), Vegan food, Gluten free food, Ice, NO packaged food, NO coffee, NO bagels, NO bananas, and NO nuts.”

Under “logistics” needs, the agitators said that they needed “Sleeping pads, Double A, Triple A, C, and D batteries; Rope, Zip ties, Electric/Solar Powered generators, Lotion, Aquaphor, and NO sunscreen.”

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