Leftist Boston City Councilwoman’s Rhetoric Is So Vitriolic That It Disturbs Democratic Colleagues: Report

 A member of the Boston City Council who describes herself as “the first formally undocumented African-born immigrant & first Muslim elected in the city of Boston” has reportedly upset her leftist colleagues because of her vehement rhetoric, a source said according to Fox News.

A Boston city hall employee told Fox News Digital that the city council meetings featuring Councilwoman Tania Fernandes Anderson are filled with “swearing, yelling and screaming” as well as calls to “create a revolution” to combat “systemic racism.”

“I can’t even call you cowards because desperation deserves mercy. Your votes here sometimes are racist … I am here to represent every black woman and man in the community … What the f*** do I have to do in this f***ing council to get respect as a black woman,” Fernandes Anderson yelled during a meeting in August 2023, the outlet noted.

She has also said, “We should dismantle the White backdrop [in America] and we should restructure it so that it’s welcoming,” according to Fox News.

“Don’t come for me, because if you want smoke, you’ll get smoke. I’m not afraid of any of you,” Fernandes Anderson said in a March 2024 meeting.

“It’s a threat. I feel like it’s a threat,” the source told Fox News.

“People are intimidated by her. And that intimidation does work,” the source claimed, adding that city council members capitulate because “no one want[s] to disagree with Tania because she’s unpredictable … The last thing someone wants is to be labeled as a racist in this city.”

Within days of the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre of more than 1,200 Israelis, Fernandes Anderson offered a resolution that called the massacre a “massive military operation,” called Hamas a “militant group,” and accused Israel of “war crimes,” the Boston Herald reported. Fernandes Anderson also reportedly called Israelis “political animals.”

In October 2022, Fernandes Anderson was harshly criticized for suggesting that the birthday of Mahsa Amini — the 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman who was accused of not properly covering her hair and was taken into custody by Iran’s morality police, dying three days later — be named Boston’s official Hijab Day.

One Twitter user responded, “I can’t believe you dare to use Mahsa Amini’s name to promote your agenda. How dare you! She was murdered because she didn’t have a proper hijab. Hijab is not an expression of free choice. So, respectfully, consider your own birthday as Boston Hijab Day.”


Just after Fernandes Anderson was elected to the Boston City Council in November 2021, she hired her sister and son to paid positions on her city council staff. She later admitted to violating the conflict of interest law. She also initially refused to swear the oath in which elected officials pledge their allegiance to the United States; she later had to redo the oath. She called criticism of her behavior “anti-immigrant racist vitriol.”

Fernandes Anderson also supervised a city council budget proposalcutting roughly $1 million in funding for police and veterans that was rejected by Boston’s Democratic mayor.

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