Delphi Prosecutors Want To Ban Words, Including ‘Odinist’ From Upcoming Double Murder Trial

 Prosecutors in the upcoming double homicide trial in Delphi, Indiana, are looking to ban the defense from using certain words in front of the jury.

Prosecutors sent a request to Judge Fran Gull seeking to prohibit words such as “Odinism,” “cult,” and “ritual killing,” ABC 6 reported. The prosecution argues that using those words could confuse and indoctrinate a jury.

Richard Allen will be on trial for allegedly kidnapping and murdering 13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German on a Delphi hiking trail in 2017.

The prosecution also wants to ban the names of certain people mentioned throughout court documents of the investigation, including as witnesses, WTHR reported. Allen’s attorneys, Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, have claimed in court documents that it was actually members of an Odinist cult that killed the teen girls, but that the alternate suspects were dismissed by police without reason.

The defense attorneys pointed to members of the cult as alleged suspects, whom The Daily Wire will not be naming since they have not been charged with any crimes. One of these named individuals’ social media posts contained images that mimicked the runes found at the crime scene, even though such images have never been released to the public, according to the defense. The individual allegedly also posted numerous “easter eggs” on social media that pointed to his involvement in the crime, including a recreation of the crime scene involving two women posing as dead with sticks over their bodies, just like the actual crime scene. This same individual also seemingly taunted police on social media, the defense claims.

One further tie to the victims is that this man’s son was allegedly “dating” the young victim, Abby.

Police cleared this individual as a suspect within 30 days of the murders, even with this evidence, the defense argues.


This individual’s ex-wife also allegedly told police that he and another man in the Odinists had a falling out in February 2017 after conducting a ritual in the woods, near a river. The main alternate suspect lived very near to where the girls’ bodies were found, according to the defense’s filing. This ex-wife also allegedly told police that her ex-husband and “his people” killed the girls because one of their mothers was “mixing” with people who weren’t of the same race.

This individual was also tied to others who allegedly confessed to the crime. One of these individuals allegedly told his sister that he was involved in the crime and included details of the crime scene that were never released to the public. According to the court documents, this man was also questioned but denied involvement. According to a state trooper who dropped him off at his home, this individual allegedly returned to the trooper’s vehicle and asked if he would still be in trouble if his spit was found on one of the victims, saying he could explain it away. This individual also told another one of his sisters that he spit on one of the victims, according to the defense.

This individual and a fourth man provided shaky alibis to police for their whereabouts at the time of the murder, with contradictory stories, Allen’s defense attorneys contend.

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