WATCH: 13-Year-Old Girl Tearfully Tells School Board She Watched Classmate Brutalize Female Student

 A 13-year-old girl spoke at a school board meeting and tearfully described watching a student use a Stanley cup to brutally beat up a female student.

The teen girl, who attends Pennbrook Middle School north of Philadelphia accused school officials of failing to step in despite being warned hours ahead of time that the attack was coming.

Reduxx reported that the attacker is a trans-identifying male student who identifies as “Melanie.”

“All of a sudden I just hear all this screaming and everybody running. … All of sudden you just hear these terrible loud bangs of the Stanley bouncing off her head. And then you see Mel grabbing her hair and hitting her against the table … There was blood going everywhere,” the young student recalled.

“We had to sit in there and watch them clean up her blood off those tables and ground, and we had to watch them take her out with blood dripping down her face and I will never forget that,” the girl said, her voice breaking.

The attacker also yelled “I’m going to murder you” repeatedly to students, she said.

The violent incident played over in her head as she lay in bed that night, the girl told board members.

The girl said she was “second on [the attacker’s] hit list” and begged school administrators for help five hours before the attack. The guidance counselor promised her the attack would not happen, the teen said.

The incident occurred at about 1:20 pm on Wednesday in the school cafeteria. Police and first responders were called to the scene.

Surveillance video shows a 7th grader walking along a lunch table when the student accused of attacking her runs up and begins hitting her in the head with a Stanley cup, according to Upper Gwynedd police.

The female student who was attacked needed staples in her head and is on concussion protocol, police said.

The incident is still under investigation, school officials said.

Incensed parents showed up at the school board meeting to voice their concerns.

“The fear in these kids’ voices. This had to be a brutal attack because so many kids were screaming and crying,” one mother said.

“This was avoidable and the district truly failed to protect the students at Pennbrook,” one parent told school board members. “What are we supposed to say to our children after this? How do I send him back to school?”

The attacking student had only been at the school for three days when the attack occurred, parents said.

In a statement, Pennbrook Middle School Superintendent Todd Bauer confirmed that an incident had occurred resulting in “serious injuries” to a student.

However, he said rumors are “false” that the attacker was expelled from another school for violent behavior.

Bauer said the school is working with law enforcement and the families of the students involved. The school is working with the “district-wide traumatic event response team” to support the students who witnessed the attack, he said.

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