Vanderbilt Expels Students Who Participated In Anti-Israel Protest

 Vanderbilt University has expelled, suspended, or disciplined at least 27 students after an anti-Israel sit-in protest went off the wall last week.

Provost Cybele Raver said in a statement that the university’s Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity Staff reviewed the protest and conducted interviews with students before issuing “a range of findings and sanctions that took the individual circumstances of each student’s conduct into account.” The provost added that the review led to disciplinary probation, suspension, and even expulsion for some students.

It was unclear how many students were expelled, but student-run newspaper The Vanderbilt Hustler reported earlier this week that 27 students had been suspended for their participation in the protest, which took place in Kirkland Hall, an administrative building on the Vanderbilt campus that was closed for construction. Three students were also arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after they pushed past a Community Service Officer to enter the building, and a fourth student was charged with vandalism for allegedly breaking a window, WSMV reported.

Vanderbilt University posted footage from Kirkland Hall showing the large group of students overwhelming the officer as they charged into the building.

“Students have 10 days to appeal their case to the university’s Appellate Review Board, a body consisting of faculty and students,” the provost’s statement added.

After making their way into the administrative building on March 26, students remained for around 21 hours to protest the administration’s decision to stop the student government from voting on an anti-Israel referendum. Videos posted to social media show some of the student protesters panicking as they worried they would be arrested if they left the building to use the bathroom.

Others complained that “Vanderbilt administration is starving protesters” after the officers monitoring the sit-in were brought food from Panera Bread for themselves.

“Vanderbilt administration prohibited students from receiving food from outside Kirkland and students are currently peeing in bottles,” one graphic posted by students about the sit-in claims.


Protesters also called emergency medical services for a woman who said that she was at risk of toxic shock because she was not able to change her tampon and cited concerns that she would be arrested if she left the building.

In her statement, Provost Raver said the university understands that students’ choices come with “costly consequences.”

“The gravity of this situation and these outcomes weighs heavily on those of us charged with carrying out our responsibility as leaders; we fully understand that student choices and decisions can lead to serious and costly consequences,” said Raver.

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