Ted Cruz Pulls Zero Punches In Response To Brazen Pro-Hamas Protester At Columbia

 Senator Ted Cruz held nothing back in his response to a protester on Columbia University’s campus who carried a sign declaring support for the militant wing of the terror group Hamas.

Popular X account AG (@AGHamilton29) shared the photo — which showed one female protester, her head wrapped in a keffiyeh, holding her sign in front of several students carrying Israeli and American flags.

“Someone sent me this from Columbia tonight. Some Jewish students were holding Israeli and American flags so this girl stood in front of them with the below sign. Al-Qasam is the Hamas military wing. They are openly pro-Hamas and threatening fellow students,” AG’s caption read.

Cruz’s response got straight to the point: “If this is a student, she should be expelled. If this is a #Columbia professor, she should be fired. No university should allow one member of the community to advocate the murder of other members of the community.”

Cruz was not alone in his sentiments, as others flooded X with comments on the photo. AG added a second post, saying, “This image also made me think of a great line I saw from @neontaster the other day: The difference between a radical anti-Zionist and a moderate anti-Zionist is that a radical anti-Zionist wants to kill you, and a moderate anti-Zionist wants a radical anti-Zionist to kill you.”

“This was the least of it. At least one Jewish student was attacked at Yale. Several Jewish students were threatened at Columbia,” AG added in another post. “There are videos of the crowds threatening violence, telling Jews to go back to Europe, cheering terrorism, celebrating the American flag being taken down. This is all happening on 2 American campuses. It’s clear that these campuses are clearly not safe for Jewish students right now and not particularly productive for others as they have been taken over by antisemitic and pro-terrorist mobs. This is all coordinated and well-funded by some national activist groups, but the schools allowed for it to get to this place by allowing those involved to keep pushing the line/normalizing such behavior and they hired faculty/administrators who encourage it. Now it’s up to these schools to figure out how to address these mobs. It’s their problem because their reputations are on the line and their failures that led us here. If they refuse to address it, they should face civil rights investigations, lawsuits from students, and permanent reputations loss.”

Senator Katie Britt (R-AL) took the fight straight to the school, arguing that Columbia University — and any other school that allowed protests that literally called for violence and genocide — should be stripped of federal funding.

“This is disgusting. Any college or university that allows terrorist threats and antisemitic harassment on their campus shouldn’t get a cent of federal funding. That’s why I’m a proud original cosponsor of @SenatorTimScott’s Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses Act and Antisemitism Awareness Act.”

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