McCaskill: Trump Doesn’t Know What FISA or Obamacare Are


MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill said Friday on “Morning Joe” that former President Donald Trump does not know what the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) or the Affordable Care Act dubbed Obamacare were.

McCaskill said, “I don’t think people realize. We always talk about the intelligence community like it’s some kind of big group of folks somewhere. I think people think of spy movies and stuff. The vast majority of people on the intelligence committee are either veterans or active military. They are really hardworking, smart patriots that are trying to keep our country safe. It’s just bizarre to me that if you got Donald Trump right now and put a microphone in front of his face and tried to hold him to an answer on this, what is FISA, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t even know what it is. He has no idea.”

She added, “Republicans used to go to the White House when I was in the Senate they’d come back and have a health care discussion. Republicans would say, he has no idea what Obamacare even is, what the Affordable Care Act even is. He’s just parroting this. Yes, we need to be careful about oversight in the intelligence community. You don’t want it to run amuck and violate Americans’ rights but the surest path to our country being under attack is to actually defang our intelligence community. That’s what Donald Trump is trying to do.”

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