Is Handing Out Jeremy’s Chocolate Now Illegal Under Scotland’s New ‘Hate Crime’ Law?

 Would you be willing to go to prison over a chocolate bar?

Hopefully, that ridiculous question will always remain hypothetical and never actually affect you. But if you live in Scotland, unfortunately, that question now requires much more thought. Thanks to those in charge of making Scottish laws, you could get in some serious trouble for simply handing out the delicious and biologically accurate Jeremy’s Chocolate.

No, this isn’t satire.

Scotland’s recently enacted “Hate Crime and Public Order” law makes Jeremy’s Chocolate a dangerous commodity to have on your person. Before you laugh that off as an insane notion, take a look at how the country’s new law defines a hate crime:

A person commits an offence if—(a)the person—(i)behaves in a manner that a reasonable person would consider to be threatening or abusive, or (ii)communicates to another person material that a reasonable person would consider to be threatening or abusive, and (b)in doing so, the person intends to stir up hatred against a group of persons … (emphasis added).

It should also be noted that the punishment for the ghastly crime of offending “a reasonable person” who considers your offense “threatening or abusive” is up to seven years in prison.

The law was created to protect multiple categories and demographics of people, including based on their age, disability, and religion. But the law gets potentially troubling for our Scotch friends who consume Jeremy’s Chocolate when it also considers you to be “stirring up hatred” if a person views your actions or words as “threatening or abusive” toward people based on their sexual orientation or transgender identity.

As Daily Wire host Matt Walsh put it, “The problem is that, by the bill’s own terms, the people determining what’s ‘reasonable’ and what’s ‘hateful’ are people who believe that biology isn’t real.”

Since those of us here at The Daily Wire and Jeremy’s believe in the fundamental truths of biology, the wording of Scotland’s hate crime law could make our delicious chocolate bar “hateful,” and make handing it out to the wrong person a crime.


Jeremy’s Chocolate is extremely clear about the facts of biology with the He/Him bar that contains nuts made alongside the She/Her bar, which of course, is nutless. Those earth-shattering allusions to the easily understood biology of men and women could very likely make some unhinged leftist with a Scottish accent go ballistic and claim the chocolate bar represents a threatening and abusive message that “stir[s] up hatred” against trans-identifying people.

The new law begs the question: could someone in Scotland get thrown in prison for seven years for the kind act of sharing a He/Him chocolate bar with his bearded neighbor who wears a dress and goes by “Lila”?

We hope that sort of judicial abuse never happens, but it’s a warranted concern. Even here in the U.S., leftists tried to destroy a California professor for simply handing out Jeremy’s Chocolate to students. Professor David Richardson was suspended from his position last year after some students and a trans-identifying colleague cried about his table of snacks that included Jeremy’s Chocolate. Thankfully, Richardson won’t face any criminal charges, and he was vindicated when he was allowed to return to class earlier this year.


There was some good news for Scots who want to continue enjoying Jeremy’s Chocolate without hiding from the cops. On Tuesday, legendary author J.K. Rowling poked the bear following the enactment of Scotland’s new law and found there was no bite. After writing numerous posts about the law and standing up for biology, police in Scotland received multiple complaints asking for them to take action against the “Harry Potter” author.

Scottish cops said Rowling’s social media posts on the reality of men and women didn’t warrant them to take action against her.

That’s good to hear, but if Jeremy’s Chocolate caused such a ruckus on an American college campus, what will it do in a country that now considers offending a trans-identifying person as a crime worthy of a seven-year prison sentence?

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