Using cell phone pings to target Trump and MAGA supporters is okay, says NYT – but leave BLM rioters alone!

 The Fani Willis witch hunt saga is once again bringing to lightthe politics of using cell phone pings to solve crimes. When the alleged crimes involve Donald Trump and his supporters, have at it, the media says. But when leftists like Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters and Fani Willis and her associates are the targets, cell phone pings are off limits.

In trying to get to the bottom of the Willis scandal, cell phone pings show that Nathan Wade, Willis' lover, routinely made "midnight trips" to Willis' condominium. After this was revealed, the media tried to blast cell phone pinging as an "inappropriate" use of the technology since it incriminates Democrats.

Remember, though, when cell phone pinging was used to track the January 6 "insurrectionists," as well as Trump's Secret Service detail at Mar-a-Lago? The New York Times bragged about locating these targets "down to a few feet," arguing that the technology is helpful in keeping a close eye on Trump and his associates.

So which is it? Is cell phone pinging and tracking a good thing or a bad thing? It apparently depends on the political party, as tracking Republicans is a-okay, according to the Times and other media outlets, but not okay for tracking Democrats.


Is Fani Willis done for?

In its argument in favor of cell phone pinging for Trump and his associates, the Times warned that there are also "abuse" cases such as using the technology to target people who "justly protest police violence, as happened in cities across America last summer," this referencing the BLM riots of 2020.

"Do you get it?" asked American Thinker's Joe Fried. "It's okay to use cell-phone tracking to round up the MAGA folks, but don't use it to track the thugs who killed 25 or more people while they gutted court houses and police stations, and caused a couple billion dollars in damage."

"Later, when the 2000 Mules movie came out, serious concerns about cell phone accuracy suddenly materialized. According to media 'fact checkers,' the people who were supposedly stuffing ballot drop boxes were probably just returning their books to the library – in the middle of the night – while wearing blue latex gloves."

It remains to be seen how Judge Scott McAfee will handle the cell phone pinging issue with regard to the Willis case. If cell phone pinging is okay against Trump, then there is no reason it should not also be okay against Willis, right?

If Judge McAfee maintains a neutral position with regard to cell phone pinging, Willis "is finished," Fried says. And that is precisely why many worry that Willis will be let off the hook because, as we know, a double standard exists with regard to the execution of the law in the United States, depending on which political party is in power at any given time.

The latest claim about cell phone pinging with regard to the Willis case is that the data on Nathan Wade shows that he could have been up to "nine square miles" within the vicinity of Willis' condo, the suggestion being that there is no concrete proof he actually went to her house all those times.

"The pings coming from Wade's cell phone can only place him within a 'multiple-mile radius,'" Fried writes. "I bet some of the J-6 defendants wish they had been told this before they were convicted and sent to the D.C. gulag. Remember, cell-phone pings were the method du jour that put many of them behind bars."

Using cell phone pings to target Trump and MAGA supporters is okay, says NYT – but leave BLM rioters alone! Using cell phone pings to target Trump and MAGA supporters is okay, says NYT – but leave BLM rioters alone! Reviewed by Your Destination on March 15, 2024 Rating: 5

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