United Airlines Experiences Another Flight Emergency

 United Airlines experienced two flight emergencies over the weekend, the fourth and fifth that the airline has faced in just a week.

On Saturday, a United Airlines flight was forced to return to Chicago O’Hare International Airport after the plane’s oil warning system lit up. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it was launching an investigation into the incident with the Airbus A320.

On Friday, a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Mexico City made an emergency landing in Los Angeles after the plane experienced a problem with its hydraulic system. The FAA said it would investigate the incident, which also involved an Airbus A320.

The two incidents come after United Airlines experienced three more incidents last week involving Boeing aircraft.

The third incident, which unfolded on Friday, involved a United flight sliding off the runway after it experienced a left main landing gear collapse after trying to taxi off runway 27 at IAH airport in Houston, Texas.

On Thursday, a tire fell off a United Airlines flight headed to Japan, crushing several cars in a parking lot below.

Last Monday, a United Airlines flight that took off from Houston to Fort Myers was forced to turn around after flames shot out from an engine.

United Airlines said in a statement, “Each of these events is distinct and unrelated to one another.”


“We take every safety event seriously and will investigate each of the incidents that occurred this week to understand what happened and learn from them,” United said. “Much of this work is conducted together with the manufacturers, the FAA, and the NTSB as well as with the manufacturers of individual components … Safety is our top priority, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to keep our customers and employees safe.”

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