Louisiana Legislature Sends Constitutional Carry Bill To Republican Governor

 A bill that would allow any non-felon Louisiana resident to concealed carry a gun without a permit has passed both the state House and Senate and is expected to be signed by Governor Jeff Landry (R-LA). 

The Republican-backed proposal, SB 1, passed the House on Wednesday by a 75-28 vote and the Senate 28-10 last week. If signed, Louisiana would be the 28th state to enact a constitutional carry-style law. 

The Louisiana bill says “that law-abiding persons eighteen years of age and not otherwise prohibited may carry a concealed weapon lawfully without a permit,” removing previous requirements for concealed carry in the state. 

“People are getting raped, murdered, carjacked and assaulted,” said Louisiana state Rep. Mike Johnson on Wednesday. “A vote for this bill today gives the citizens of Louisiana the right to defend themselves.”

Republican state Sen. Blake Miguez was the sponsor of the legislation and noted it would take effect on Independence Day if signed. 

“Thank you to the LA House of Representatives for passing #SB1 (Constitutional Carry) without amendments. It will now head to Governor Jeff Landry’s desk for signature with an effective date of July 4th this year, in honor of the our nation’s Independence Day,” he said. 

The proposal was passed after Landry asked the state legislature to pass tougher punishments for crime as well as pass a constitutional carry bill in a special session.

“While criminals carry guns without regard for the law, lawful gun owners are our most law-abiding citizens. Their armed presence helps deter violent crime,” Landry said. “It is time Louisiana join 27 other states who have created a constitutional right to carry a firearm without the government’s permission. This body has repeatedly passed it. Now you have a governor who will sign it.”


A constitutional carry bill was vetoed in June 2021 by then-Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) after both the state House and Senate passed the measure overwhelmingly. 

The governor’s office changed hands earlier this year after Landry won over 50% of the vote in Louisiana’s “jungle primary” in October 2023. Since Landry won over 50% of the vote the race did not go on to the general election. 

Landry ran on getting crime under control and improving the economy and public school system. His campaign website blasted “woke” district attorneys for being soft on crime, and he says that as governor, Louisiana would “hold everyone, and I mean everyone, accountable for violent crime.”

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