Hiring “the most qualified person” for the job is “discriminatory,” claim major universities

 At least five universities, all in the United Kingdom, now claimthat hiring people based on qualifications rather than skin color is a "micro aggression" and form of "discrimination" that must not be tolerated.

In the wake of criticism that DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) policies are leading to people, primarily whites, not being hired for jobs they are qualified for, the universities in question are speaking out against hiring people based on merit, calling this a "bad" thing, even though universities exist to provide qualifications through education.

At the University of Glasgow in Scotland, the "big brains" issued a statement as part of an "anti-racism" campaign asserting that merit-based hiring is wrong because it insinuates "that race does not play a role in life successes.

As for claims that "everyone can succeed if they work hard enough," the University of Glasgow considers this to be a "micro aggression," the implication being that such a statement is offensive to underperforming non-whites who are apparently incapable of working hard enough to succeed, according to the school.

At Imperial College London, it is now considered "discriminatory" to make statements like "men and women have equal opportunity for achievement" and "positive action is racist."

Newcastle University now has a guidance stating that white people are not allowed to say things like "white people get killed by the police, too" because this, too, is a "micro aggression." 

Are white people allowed to say or do anything?

One of the people trying to expose all this insanity is Dr. Edward Skidelsky of the Committee for Academic Freedom (CAF), a free speech advocacy group that is warning about what these schools are doing to push anti-white hate in employment.

"By campaigning against questioning and denial, these universities are advocating an uncritical acceptance of statements in the various, undefined areas that their microaggression guides refer to," Skidelsky is quoted as saying. "The effect, again, is to undermine a culture of free inquiry."

"Universities must not campaign against the expression of lawful beliefs. They must not take official positions. They must not outlaw 'questioning' and 'denial.' They must not undermine free inquiry."

Another campaigner against such nonsense is Chris McGovern, chairman of Campaign for Real Education, who warned that the "woke virus has infected universities in a major way."

"It is cowardly," McGovern says about these schools' policies. "Universities are supposed to show their intelligence and reason and they are disapplying their intelligence and reason in order to pursue the woke agenda."

The many consequences of the woke virus spreading through academia include schools erasing words like "man" and "mother" from existence; claiming that men can lactate; calling the word "American" a "harmful" use of language; encouraging students to use LGBTQ+ "neopronouns;" and removing the word "field" from school materials for being "racist."

"Nothing shouts implicit racism more than formalizing a reduced performance standard for a group of people based on their skin pigmentation," joked one commenter sarcastically about how all these "anti-racist" policies are about as racist as it gets towards people with dark skin.

"There should be anti-racism laws against such bigots and they should be bounced out of any current or future leadership or administrative jobs."

Another wrote that such insanity is "typical" of today's so-called academics, who are so engrossed in their little leftist bubbles that they have lost all sight and concept of reality.

"Their vision is pure communism," this person added, "which is not surprising in academics, of course. It stymies striving for success while awarding mediocrity and failure."

Hiring “the most qualified person” for the job is “discriminatory,” claim major universities Hiring “the most qualified person” for the job is “discriminatory,” claim major universities Reviewed by Your Destination on March 01, 2024 Rating: 5

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