RFK Jr.: Trans Athletes Should Not Be Allowed To Compete Against Women

 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said during an event this week that he does not believe that men with gender dysphoria should be allowed to compete against women in sports.

Kennedy made the remarks during an event with WNBA Star Angel McCoughtry when asked what he would do about the trans issue if he became president.

“I don’t think somebody who is born a biological male should be competing in consequential women’s sports,” Kennedy said. “Oh, if it’s an in-house league, or something like that, and it’s all — but if it’s a competition when  there are scholarships at stake, where people are on career paths, or career trajectories, it’s not fair.”

“My uncle Ted Kennedy was the author of Title IX, he fought for years to make sure that women’s sports were available in colleges, that they’re given equal attention as male sports, and he wanted to give female athletes a chance to compete,” he continued. “I have right now a niece who is going to Boston College, who is on a softball scholarship. And her twin works from my campaign — Jackson, who is Cheryl Hines’ niece and nephew, and they’re twins. And when she was growing up, I would take her brother Jackson on all of our ski trips and take her to Cape Cod during the summer. She never came with us, because she was practicing her sport, because she was planning a career. And to me, it would be very, very unfair to her if a boy walks off a neighboring baseball field and comes onto her field and says, ‘I’m now going to compete against you.’ I don’t think that’s right. I don’t think that’s what we [intended].”

“At the same time, I want to say this, we all should have compassion for people who have who have gender dysphoria,” he concluded. “And we need to respect people’s choices. And we need to support people. And we need to end any kind of bullying. But there’s also common sense that says, you know, a male who’s born male and has these biological advantages should not be able to compete in female sports.”


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