Iran Gives Hezbollah Green Light To Launch Full-Scale Attack On Israel: Report

 The Islamic Republic of Iran has reportedly given its most powerful terrorist proxy group — the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terrorist organization — permission to escalate its attacks against Israel.

High-level Iranian and Lebanese sources reportedly told the Arabic Post this week that Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, has told Hezbollah to launch a full-scale attack against Israel if Israel moves ahead with going into the Gazan city of Rafa as part of its military operation to destroy Hamas following the October 7 terrorist attack.

Iran gave the order because it believes that once Israel is done eliminating terrorists inside Rafa, it will then attack Hezbollah’s positions in southern Lebanon.

“[Hezbollah Secretary-General] Hassan Nasrallah told [Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards-Quds Force (IRGC-QF) Commander Esmail] Qaani that the attack is likely to be very imminent, most likely in the month of Ramadan, or with Israel’s invasion of the city of Rafah,” an IRGC source told Arabic Post. “Nasrallah said that he is completely certain of [Israel’s] intention to launch a large-scale attack on Lebanon, and he asked Qaani to give him complete freedom in how he intends to attack.”

Hezbollah has launched hundreds of small-scale attacks against Israel since Hamas’ October 7 attack, forcing dozens of towns in northern Israel to evacuate, leading to hundreds of thousands of Israelis being displaced.

Israel signaled this week that any ceasefire agreement that is reached between Israel and Hamas inside Gaza will not apply to Israel’s fight against Hezbollah in the north.


Other media reports from the region this week have indicated that both Israel and Hezbollah are preparing for a full-scale war that is likely to erupt soon.

If Hezbollah decides to launch a full-scale terrorist attack on Israel, it will be in part because they do not believe that President Joe Biden will intervene to stop the attack. Biden has shown extreme hesitation in confronting Iranian-backed Islamic terror attacks against the U.S. and U.S. interests in the region since October 7.

The Houthis, an Iranian-backed terrorist group, have launched approximately 50 attacks against shipping vessels in the Red Sea and Biden has responded with limited airstrikes inside Yemen.

U.S. Forces in Iraq and Syria were attacked approximately 170 times before three U.S. soldiers were killed during one of the attacks earlier this year. After the soldiers were killed, the administration launched limited strikes against some targets in the region.

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