Biden Lawyer Claims ‘Shoddy’ Special Counsel Report Full Of ‘Misstatements Of Fact’, Won’t Call For Release Of Transcript

 Bob Bauer, the personal lawyer for President Joe Biden, claimed during an interview over the weekend that Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified material was a “shoddy” piece of work that contained numerous “misstatements of fact” from Hur’s interview with Biden, yet when pressed, he declined to call for the release of the interview transcript which could potentially validate his claims.

Hur found during the criminal investigation that Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials,” but argued for no charges to be brought because Biden had serious cognitive issues — including not remembering when his son died or when he served as vice president in the Obama administration. Hur concluded that a jury would view Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

“This is a report that went off the rails. It’s shabby work product,” Bauer claimed about the report. “The investigation could have been concluded in two or three months. It went on for over 15 months. And so along with the legal conclusion comes this flood of characterizations, factual misstatements, pejorative comments about the president that are inconsistent with DOJ policy and norms, and that, as you see over the last 48 hours, have been widely criticized by legal experts. This is not what prosecutors do. It is shoddy work product.”

Bauer claimed that there were “misstatements of fact” in the report from Biden’s interview with Hur and claimed Hur’s legal analysis was “totally inappropriate.” He also claimed that Biden was “engaged with the questions very directly” during the interview and that he was “compelling and forceful” in his testimony.

Brennan then asked Bauer if he was in favor of getting the transcripts from the interview declassified so they could be released to the public.

“I’m not a specialist in that process,” he said. “And so I really have to defer to those who have to work through those issues.”

Biden held a press conference late Thursday night in an attempt to demonstrate his mental fitness but instead exploded at reporters who pointed out voters’ concerns about his age and declared that he was the most qualified person in America to be president. During the event, Biden mixed up the presidents of Egypt and Mexico, forgot the name of the church where his deceased son got the rosary that he wears every day, and forgot key details from the special counsel’s report.

Brennan asked about the press conference and asked if Biden had memory problems.

“He does not,” Bauer claimed as he proceeded to talk about the special counsel and ignore the numerous mistakes that Biden made during the press conference.


Biden Lawyer Claims ‘Shoddy’ Special Counsel Report Full Of ‘Misstatements Of Fact’, Won’t Call For Release Of Transcript Biden Lawyer Claims ‘Shoddy’ Special Counsel Report Full Of ‘Misstatements Of Fact’, Won’t Call For Release Of Transcript Reviewed by Your Destination on February 12, 2024 Rating: 5

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