‘The View’ Tries To Spin VP Harris’ Comments: ‘She’s Not Scared Of Trump’

 “The View” cohosts appeared to do damage control during Thursday’s broadcast, cleaning up after Vice President Kamala Harris — who had appeared on the show one day prior — claimed that she was “scared as heck” of the possibility that former President Donald Trump could win again in 2024.

The cohosts were back on Thursday — in part defending Harris’ take and in part claiming that she was not actually “scared” of Trump — after multiple media outlets ran with clips of the vice president’s comments.

Whoopi Goldberg led off, calling Trump-supporters “the snow-flakiest people” and saying that there was plenty to fear with regard to Trump — whose name she still will not say aloud — and the possibility that he could return to the Oval Office.

Cohost Joy Behar followed right behind her, saying that Harris had not meant that she was “personally scared” of the former president, but that she was “scared for the country.”


Cohost Sunny Hostin took a slightly different tack, saying that everyone should be scared of Trump taking office again. “There have been great nations that no longer exist because of someone like a Donald Trump,” she claimed.

Hostin went on to argue that Harris had proved during her Wednesday appearance — during which she repeatedly equated women not being able to access unlimited abortions in certain states with a total loss of democracy in the country as a whole — that she was “qualified” to be president.


The conversation continued with cohost Sara Haines, who said that Harris should be praised for calling it like it is: “If it’s as scary as you’re telling everybody it is, you should say it’s scary.”

Goldberg doubled down to round out the conversation, saying that Harris’ willingness to admit that she was scared only proved how brave she was. “The thing I want to say about this, there’s nothing wrong with being afraid … There’s nothing shameful about being afraid. I think it is brave to say you’re afraid,” she said.

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