Money-Losing Postal Agency Cancels Services to Israel



Accused of aligning with anti-Semitic BDS movement

A money-losing postal agency serving Australia has announced it has suspended delivering letters to, or from, Israel, because of the “safety” issue.


Yet it still delivers to and from Ukraine.

The double standard was pointed out by Australian journalist Andrew Bolt, who explained what was going on.

report by the RAIR Foundation noted, “In a significant decision marked by conspicuously selective enforcement, Australia Post has temporarily halted all mail services to and from Israel, citing ‘ongoing safety concerns’ and limited flight capacity. This move has sparked debate and criticism, especially given the postal service’s continued operations in Ukraine, another conflict zone.”

The report noted Bolt pointed out that “private couriers like Pack and Send and DHL face no issues.”

But, in fact, the announcement comes as “Australia Post is grappling with a $200 million loss and a significant decline in letter delivery volumes, leading to a shift in domestic mail delivery schedules,” the report said.

“The situation has raised questions about Australia Post’s strategic direction and its role in international relations. National Sen. Matt Canavan criticized the suspension as a moral and operational failure, urging the company to explore growth opportunities and diversify its services. The broader implications of this decision, including its alignment with the fundamentally antisemitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS), which wants to destroy the Israeli economy with boycott efforts and its impact on Australia’s social and political discourse, continue to be hotly debated as the situation evolves,” the report said.

Bolt said he discovered the change after a Jewish teacher at a Jewish school told him her students had written letters to support Israel, and the postal agency refused them.

The issue, he said, “is a moral one cutting off Israel.”

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