Javier Milei Administration to Ban ‘Woke’ Language in Argentina’s Military


Argentina’s new President Javier Milei is reportedly planning to ban ‘inclusive’ or ‘woke’ language from the country’s military.

You have to wonder if he has been watching what is happening to the military in the United States, which is still struggling to recruit across all branches, a problem critics have linked to the military’s embrace of progressive policies.

Milei is continuing to deliver on the promises he made to the people of Argentina.

Breitbart News reports:


Argentina to Ban Woke ‘Inclusive’ Language in the Military

Argentine Defense Minister Luis Petri announced the new administration of President Javier Milei will ban leftist “inclusive” language in Argentina’s military.

Petri, who also claimed that Argentina’s defensive power is “as devastated as the country,” made the announcement on Sunday evening. December 17, during La Noche de Mirtha, an Argentine late-night show hosted by actress Mirtha Legrand.

“Some even spoke with inclusive language. We are going to prohibit the use, for example, of inclusive language within the armed forces — it cannot be,” Petri said.

When asked to elaborate by another guest, Petri explained, “There is a military language that has to be complied with and there have been advances in the rules of discipline and the normal language that clearly end up degrading and making the armed forces regress.”

“Because they are military forces, I mean, and to be forced to speak in a certain language is not appropriate for the military discipline that should exist, and this is without any kind of bias,” he continued.

What an amazing concept. Can we try that here?

The U.S. Military would be wise to follow Milei’s example. Perhaps recruiting would begin to return to normal levels.

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