Global Elites Attending UN Climate Summit Enjoy Burgers and BBQ While Telling Americans to Not Eat Meat


Elitists at the UN Climate Summit in Dubai enjoyed delicious gourmet food including burgers and BBQ while telling Americans to eat less beef.

The climate change zealots want to destroy the cattle and farming industry under the guise of reducing carbon emissions with a ‘net zero plan.’

The ‘net zero plan’ will ultimately lead to famine.

Apparently, it’s okay for the global elitists to enjoy meat while telling the rest of the world to reduce meat consumption.

Fox News reported:

The ongoing United Nations COP28 climate summit in Dubai is offering a wide variety of gourmet food options from vendors who serve beef, even as it prepares a report that is expected to call for the West to reduce consumption of beef.

According to the summit’s online portal, its food offerings include “juicy beef,” “slabs of succulent meat,” smoked wagyu burgers, Philly cheesesteaks and “melt-in-your-mouth BBQ” in addition to African street BBQ, fast casual Mexican fare and an Asian option that has a “touch of French flair.” The revelation comes as the U.N. faces criticism for preparing a first-of-its-kind report that is expected to be published at the summit and call for lower meat consumption.

The U.N.’s Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) will publish its first-ever global food systems’ road map during an upcoming COP28 session, which is expected to recommend nations that “over-consume meat” to limit their consumption as part of a broader effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The U.N. has, for years, called for individuals to ditch animal-based diets, which it says “have a high impact on our planet.”

While they are dining on these amazing meals, the Food and Agriculture Organization, which is part of the UN, is telling the rest of the world to eat less meat. They claim this will reduce greenhouse gases and help save the planet. Looks like more pseudoscience by elitists to control people and limit their freedoms.

Fox News continued:

“The core goal is to achieve [Sustainable Development Goal 2]; Zero Hunger, while being climate-friendly, to attract climate financing for mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, along with the actions required to support the achievement of 1.5 degrees (by 2050) based on country commitment, consensus, and country transition,” FAO’s statement continued.

While all this is being proposed, about one third of the food options at the COP28 Summit offer meat as an option, according to the summit’s own data.

Republican Rep Mike Flood of Nebraska called out the left’s hypocrisy too: “The hypocrisy of the global elites never ceases to amaze. They’re the same ones who want working people to swear off flying at all while they get to travel to glitzy conferences on private jets to push a radical green agenda,” as reported by Fox News.

Vegan eco-terrorists were outraged that meat lobbyists descended on the COP28 climate conference in Dubai to counter the attack on meat consumption in first-world countries.

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