Target in hot water once more over WOKE Christmas decorations

 Big-box retailer Target has apparently never learned from its earlier fiasco, as it is in hot water once more over "woke" Christmas decorations sold on its shelves.

The X account End Wokeness shared several pictures of these woke decorations on the platform. One photo featured a figurine that looked like a dark-skinned Santa Claus in a wheelchair. Another photo showed a nutcracker soldier with its cap adorned with the six-color Pride rainbow and holding a Progress Pride flag.

"Target outdid itself this year for Christmas," the account wrote. The post went viral on social media, with commenters blasting the retailer for failing to learn its lesson the first time.

"You would think [Target] would have learned from the last time," one commenter wrote. "When will companies finally start to realize it? Go woke, [get] broke."

Another commenter wrote: "Everyone getting ready to boycott Target again until they go bankrupt."

Target said in a statement that it was offering over 10,000 new items ahead of Christmas, describing the goods as "must-have gifts" and "exclusive-to-Target items across many categories." While the statement did not go into detail, it is presumed that the "must-have items" include the two decorations documented by the End Wokeness account.

The renewed calls for a boycott came as Target released its earnings report for the third quarter of 2023, which showed a 4.9 percent decline in sales compared to the third quarter of 2022. Physical store sales dropped by 4.6 percent in Q3 2023, while online sales dropped by six percent in the same period. The company's total revenue of $25.4 billion was 4.2 percent lower than last year, with some of the decline attributed to "higher inventory shrink" – a euphemism for retail theft.

"In the third quarter, our team continued to successfully navigate our business through a very challenging external environment, Target CEO Brian Cornell said in a statement.

Not the first time Target yielded to wokeism

Earlier this year, Target yielded to wokeism by offering products in time for Pride month – which is typically celebrated in June. Even worse, it stocked some products designed by a known Satanist, further adding fuel to the fire.

Writing for PJ Media, Catherine Salgado expounded on the different items Target offered for Pride month. Such items include Pride-themed body suits, rompers and bibs for babies. For older children, there are swimsuits, socks, leggings and dresses.

More notably, it also included chest binders and "tuck-friendly" swimsuits for gender-confused individuals.

Meanwhile, an InfoWars piece noted that some of the items Target sold for Pride month were from designer Abprallen. "The items include a 'We Belong Everywhere' mini messenger bag, a 'Too Queer for Here' tote bag and a 'Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People' sweatshirt – all listed as 'Pride Adult Clothing,'" it said.

"But it was a 'Satan respects pronouns' shirt that garnered the most attention. Other products feature skeletons draped in Pride and trans colors, 'gay cult' stuff and buttons with 'trans witches for abortion' emblazoned on them."

According to the Epoch Times, the launch of the Pride products and the resulting boycott forced the company's stock to drop from roughly $160 to $130 per share. Outrage online and in real life prompted Target to remove some of the most controversial items from its shelves.  

Incidentally, a former Target executive cited one item that made the biggest boycott calls – the "tuck-friendly" swimsuit purportedly designed for male-to-female transgenders.

"That tuck swimsuit, that's really what made the difference versus the competitors," said former Target Vice Chairman Gerald Storch. "That's where the big mistake [was] made."

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