Conservative Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: ‘Immigration and Terrorism Go Hand in Hand” – ‘We Don’t Want Mini Gazas in Budapest!’


The truth shall set us all free – even if it’s hurtful.

Conservative champion Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, is never shy about speaking his mind about some uncomfortable or unpopular truths.

Asked by American Media how to stop the war in Europe, Orbán didn’t miss a beat to say ‘We all need Donald Trump to save the world’ – just imagine how popular it makes him to the Brussels EU crowd.

When it comes to mass migration, he leads one of the very few countries whose social fabric was not torn apart by inviting young military-aged males from conflict zones.


In an interview with Hungarian radio, the Prime Minister was his usual blunt self when he said that ‘so far, Europe has not been allowed to talk about the fact that migration and terrorism go hand in hand’.

Orbán said that ‘a new secret service report’ proves that migration and terrorism are in fact closely related.

Hungary Today reported:

“He continued by pointing out that the intelligence report sets out a fearful horizon and confirms that we must do what we have been doing so far, that is protecting our borders. Migration and terrorism go hand in hand. Migrants are becoming increasingly aggressive and are trying to get through the border fence with ever more brutal means, Viktor Orbán said.

The Prime Minister added: once we let the migrants in, they cannot be removed.”

National unity is needed on the issue of migration, he said, reminding the listeners that Hungary didn’t commit the same mistake as much of Europe back in 2015.

“’We should be thankful that we had our wits about us when we needed them’, he said. ‘When the whole of Europe was calling for opening our borders, we had to have our hearts and our minds in the right place’, the prime minister said.”

The task now, as he sees it, is not to allow Brussels to impose on Hungary its notably failed policies.

“‘For the sake of our children, we must do everything we can to prevent this from happening, so that they do not have to live in the conditions we are already seeing in many places’, he said. ‘Any admission of illegal migrants will lead to a situation where it will not be possible to live peacefully in Hungary’.”

He said this is the case in many Western countries, as a result of the 2015 migration wave.

“We do not want to tell other nations how they should do it, but we also do not want them to tell us how we should do it. We want tolerance,” he pointed out. As Viktor Orbán explained, “They want to force us to build migrant ghettos, and we have to fight that”.

He had a familiar quote at the end: ‘Hungary belongs to the Hungarians, jobs belong to Hungarians, the rules must be made by Hungarians’. Familiar?

Fox News reported:

“In a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Orbán also said he does not want ‘mini Gazas’ in Hungary’s capital of Budapest.

‘We made a tolerance offer to Brussels: every country can deal with #migration the way they want to, but they cannot force #Hungary to copy the failed migration policies of Western Europe’, he wrote. ‘We don’t want #terrorism, gang wars and mini Gazas in Budapest!'”


Conservative Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: ‘Immigration and Terrorism Go Hand in Hand” – ‘We Don’t Want Mini Gazas in Budapest!’ Conservative Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: ‘Immigration and Terrorism Go Hand in Hand” – ‘We Don’t Want Mini Gazas in Budapest!’ Reviewed by Your Destination on November 14, 2023 Rating: 5

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