Rob Schneider Accuses Dylan Mulvaney Of ‘Gender Appropriation’

 Actor and comedian Rob Schneider called out trans-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a recent X post, suggesting that the “Days of Girlhood” creator was guilty of “gender appropriation.”

Schneider referenced the term “cultural appropriation” — which is often invoked by the political Left when people dress, act, or otherwise publicly partake in elements of a culture to which they were not born — Schneider argued that taking another’s gender for oneself amounted to the same thing.

“If you believe there is such a thing as ‘cultural appropriation.’ Then certainly this gentleman is guilty of ‘gender appropriation,'” Schneider posted along with a photo of the influencer.


Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines has taken a similar approach to conversations about her trans-identifying former competitor, referring to UPenn’s Lia Thomas as “the 6’4″ male cosplaying as a woman.”

Critics of Schneider’s point of view immediately got personal, insulting his work as a comedian and actor, and suggesting that he was hypocritical because he had played a man who accidentally switched bodies with a teen girl through magic in “The Hot Chick.”

“Bro you literally got paid to do this,” one said, sharing a poster of the film.

One critic used a gay slur to attack Schneider, saying, “Is this f****t for fucking real? This guy has made a career out of playing everything but a straight white man yet he hates everything that isn’t a straight white man. He’s just pissed he can’t make trans jokes anymore without people burning his a**. BYE ROB.”


Schneider has been regularly targeted by the Left on social media since he came out against COVID-related mask and vaccine mandates, but he said during an interview with The Blaze founder Glenn Beck that he didn’t care.

“I’m not — I don’t care about my career anymore. I care about my children’s — the country they’re going to live in,” Schneider said, declaring that he was “absolutely” prepared to lose everything for what he believed.

Schneider has spoken out on transgender issues before and has called on parents, coaches, and female athletes to “refuse to play against” male athletes who identify as female, saying this “s*** has to stop.”

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