What’s Lower? Biden’s Emotional Intelligence Or His Approval Rating?

 You knew it was going to happen. As soon as we all heard that President Joe Biden was going to go to Hawaii to survey the death and destruction of the recent wildfires, every American with half of a brain knew that “Mr. Empathy-in-Chief” was going to make it all about himself, replete with nonsensical lies that Biden has already told dozens of times on the campaign trail.

And that’s exactly what happened. Monday evening, after Biden was kind enough to take a break from his vacation, the president compared a small kitchen fire that his family experienced nearly 20 years ago to the agony of those on Maui.

“I don’t want to compare difficulties, but we have a little sense —  Jill and I — of what it’s like to lose a home. Years ago now — 15 years ago … lightning struck at home on a little lake that is outside of our home,” he droned. “And it hit a wire and came up underneath our home into the heating ducts — the air conditioning ducts.”

“To make a long story short, I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette and my cat,” he said with a chuckle. “But all kidding aside, I watched the firefighters, the way they responded.”


Well, the reality is that this was a small kitchen fire that happened in 2004. Here’s how the Associated Press covered it at the time:

Lightning struck the home of Sen. Joseph Biden, starting a small fire that was contained to the kitchen.

No one was injured in Sunday’s fire, which started amid a storm that caused serious flooding in Pennsylvania and knocked out power to hundreds of Delaware homes and businesses.

“The fire was under control in 20 minutes,” Cranston Heights Fire Company Chief George Lamborn said at the time.

So, the situation really seems incomparable to the wildfires on Maui — more than one hundred dead, hundreds still missing, and billions of dollars in damages. But, Biden being Biden, couldn’t help himself Monday night.

Residents on the ravaged island didn’t appear to welcome the president — even before his embarrassing speech. As seen here, audible chants of “Let’s Go Brandon!” were heard — except the PG-13 version of that euphemism was actually used:

He also made a joke about the ground being hot.

Yes, while standing amidst the ruins and scorched earth, surrounded by his fellow Americans who suffered what has to be the worst loss of their entire lives, Biden thought it wise to

It’s a bit tiresome to say, “Wow! Imagine if this were a Republican president!” but let’s do just that. Let’s pretend that President Donald J. Trump was on vacation, refused to comment on the unfolding tragedy — as Biden did multiple times — and then lied about a minor fire at his home, joked about the temperature of the ground, and acted the way Biden did.

Do you really think the legacy media would give him any slack as they’re doing for Biden? Not a chance in France. 

The sad news for the people of Hawaii is that Biden also gave one of his tell-tale signs that he’s lying through his teeth. (No, it’s not that his lips are moving.)


“I don’t want to be a — I don’t want to do anything out of line here, but if anyone would like to speak with me when this is over, I’ll stay around, because I just want you to know I really care,” he said Monday. “Not a joke. Not a joke.”  (emphasis added)

Of course, Biden acted out of line by lamenting the almost-loss of Corvette and cat — something that never happened, but there’s neither here nor there.

As previously discussed, whenever Biden says, “Not a joke,” it is apparent that he isn’t telling the truth.

For example, he told a “moving but false war story” —  as The Washington Post put it — and said his account was “not a joke.” It wasn’t the truth either — which means that Biden must not actually care about the people of Hawaii.

His actions, of course, proved that — no matter what he says.

Now, to address the question featured in this column.

Believe it or not, Biden’s approval rating is roughly 41%, per the Real Clear Politics polling average. We don’t have the quantitative data on it, but it stands to reason that his emotional intelligence has to be lower than that. His Hawaii trip proves it.

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