New York governor rips into NYC mayor over his mishandling of migrant crisis

 Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul ripped into the Democrat mayor of New York City over his demands to ease the number of migrants being shipped to his city from border states.

Hochul's attorney slammed Mayor Eric Adams in a letter that accused him of failing to appropriately address the crisis. 

Adams has asked that the burden of housing migrants be taken on by other cities in the state, but Hochul has argued that NYC is best situated to deal with the crisis.

"Let's be very clear — you cannot involuntarily take people from the city and send them all over the state of New York," said Hochul in a phone interview with Spectrum News NY1. "Putting someone in a hotel on a dark, lonely road in upstate New York and telling them they're supposed to survive is not compassion."

Adams is facing an uprising from his own constituents who are angry about crime at migrant housing centers in the city. He has responded by demanding the Biden administration declare a national emergency at the border so that other states can bear the burden of housing migrants. 

The letter from Hochul's attorney responded by criticizing Adams.

The letter claimed that Adams was slow to act and failed to use some of the millions of dollars that were already allocated to help relocate migrants. The letter also blamed Adams for migrants being forced to sleep on the street outside of the Roosevelt Hotel when beds were available elsewhere. 

"It is true that they did not accept some of the help we offered," Hochul said.

Adams has claimed that the migrants would cost New York City as much as $12 billion over the next three years if nothing is done by the state and the federal government.

The governor might also be responding to Erie County officials refusing to accept any more migrants after asylum seekers were accused in two separate incidents of sexual assault at hotels where migrants were being housed.

Hochul and Adams agree on at least one issue — they both want the federal government to allow migrants to find legal employment.

“The number one priority for those here is to be able to get a job,” Hochul said. “We want them to get employment, but there’s constraint at the federal level as far as their designation.”

She has also sent the National Guard to Erie County in order to help with security around migrant housing centers to prevent further alleged incidents of sexual assault.

Here's a local news report about the migrant crisis:

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