Glenn Youngkin Weighs In On Entering 2024 Presidential Race

 Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin weighed in on speculation that he could jump into the 2024 Republican Party presidential primary race by strongly suggesting that he will not — but not completely ruling out the possibility.

Youngkin made the remarks when repeatedly pressed by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. The questions come after it has been widely reported that Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, has personally urged Youngkin to run.

“Governor, you’ve got filing deadlines coming up in terms of this upcoming election and you’ve said that the filing deadlines need to get through, you said any decision from your jumping in the 2024 race would come after that,” Bartiromo said. “Are you still considering jumping into the 2024 race?”

“Maria, I’ve said over and over again how humbling it is to even talk about my name in this context,” Youngkin said. “But I am so focused on Virginia elections this year to make sure that we deliver, we’ve got a giant agenda. And therefore I’m campaigning across Virginia for our House and Senate delegates and senators. I’m not in Iowa, and I’m not in South Carolina and New Hampshire, we’re focusing on Virginia.”

“But Nevada and South Carolina filing deadlines are happening in October, and then you’ve got a slew of other states with deadlines in early November,” Bartiromo responded. “You’ve got to get through your Virginia legislation. But after that, you could miss the filing deadlines. You think you can get all of this done before the filing deadlines and enter the race?”

“Well, Maria, as I’ve said, there’s nothing more important than us holding our House and flipping our Senate in Virginia,” he responded. “That’s where my full attention is. And I’m not, I am not paying attention to the filing deadlines, etc. I’m paying attention to making sure we hold our House and flip our Senate. I think this is so important for Virginians, and for the nation to see that this can happen, that we can put to work conservative common sense policies, and we can win, and we can bring together a state that was truly blue. People thought it was purple, we can turn it red. This is so important for us to get right and that’s why my focus is clearly on Virginia.”



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