Biden’s Preachy Gun Control Post Hits A Hunter-Shaped Roadblock

 President Joe Biden called for more extensive gun control legislation in a recent post on X, ostensibly to keep children in schools safer — but ran straight into his own son’s trouble with existing federal laws regarding firearms.

Biden’s post called on Congress to act, saying “Yes, there’s a right to bear arms. But our kids and educators also have the right to live freely without fearing for their lives in a classroom. It’s time for Congress to pass commonsense gun safety laws.”

He included a graphic that quoted him as saying, “We all want our kids to have the freedom to learn to read and write instead of learning how to duck and cover in a classroom.”

But nationally-syndicated radio host Dana Loesch was quick to point the finger back at the president’s embattled son Hunter Biden – who, among a litany of other things, has faced scrutiny for a possible false statement on a federal form he filled out in order to purchase a firearm.

That alleged false statement meant that he was illegally in possession of the weapon — which Hallie Biden allegedly threw into a dumpster in 2018. And to make matters worse, the dumpster in which the .38-caliber revolver was tossed just happened to be a short distance away from a high school.

“Imagine if a criminal got ahold of the illegally purchased gun that your son’s sister-in-law-lover dumped in a trash can directly across the street from a school,” Loesch remarked.

“Didn’t Hunter violate a ‘common sense gun safety law’? The correct answer is YES,” another posted.

“Congress already passed ‘commonsense gun safety laws’ — but Democrats don’t enforce them. Kids would be better protected if Biden insisted the current laws get followed,” another commented. “He should also promote defending schools the same way politicians are kept safe.”

“Physician, heal thyself,” Jorge Bonilla said, sharing a partially redacted photo of Hunter Biden’s federal form.

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